What I’ve Learned from Listening to every episode of The “Brad and Laremy on movies” podcast

What I’ve Learned from Listening to 340 episodes of The “Brad and Laremy on movies” podcast

And more….

by Mitch Burns

When you aspire to do something in your life, it’s nice to know  or look up to someone who is established in whatever it may be that you aspire to do. When you have a lot of experience doing something, it’s up to you to decide if or how you are going to share that knowledge, Whether it be by word of mouth, writing a book, blogs, or a podcast.

I aspire to review movies, it’s more of a hobby for myself, but I enjoy the art of film and discussing movies. Want to know who else enjoys the art of film and the discussion around it? Brad Brevet and Laremy Legel! Two movie buffs/reviewers/critics or whatever you want to call them, located in sunny Seattle! They’ve been in the world of film reviewing for a number of years, Brad has a website at RopeofSilicon.com that he started and runs by himself. The podcast is called The Rope of Silicon Podcast and is hosted on RopeofSilicon.com, but it also goes by the name of Brad and Laremy on movies. Laremy Legel has a packed full resume, having worked at numerous film websites, and even running his own at QualitySlug.com.

Laremy and Brad are both tremendous writers, I’ve learned that film wasn’t necessarily what they wanted to do at first. Their true love was writing, they liked movies,  so they decided to write about movies, and they are damn good at it. Want proof? Read a few articles and reviews on RopeofSilicon.com, or read Laremy’s book ‘Film Critic: A Decade Behind the Scenes in the Movie Industry’ !

I started listening to ‘The Rope of Silicon Podcast’ around Episode 180, The beginning of Summer 2013, after hearing Laremy review Pacific Rim on the /Film podcast, (a podcast I don’t listen to anymore).  I was a fan from that moment on, becoming a frequent contributor, and happily calling myself a Lizard person. In the last 5-6 months I started listening through The back catalog of podcasts, starting at episode 1, and taking copious notes on my phone. I thought it may be a daunting task, but it was the highlight of my day, and taking those micro-breaks to write a little note wasn’t bad.

Now, what did I learn? maybe too much. Not only has Brad and Laremy’s views and takes on movies seeped into my own, but so has their humor, sayings and  views on life and people… including the rubes. The list of things I’ve learned from the podcast, and subsequently the two hosts, is endless. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ll try to write my review of a film before reading Brad’s review on RopeofSilicon.com, and I’m always happy when my grade comes out different from Brads, even in the slightest. I have a very long way to come, in my writing, podcasting and views on film, but I’m young and learning.

So, What have I learned from listening to 330+ episodes of The Rope of Silicon podcast? How to structure my reviews better, how the box office works, not to call female actors actresses, that Pacific Rim is a bad movie, to add humor into my reviews, not everything has to be taken so seriously, what a Rube is, that it’s okay to have differing opinions, how to take criticism or negativity in life, friendship and relationships, how film criticism gives us better movies, how to love my dog more, when to argue and when not to argue, how to come back from a big argument with a friend, views on religion, happiness and much, much more.

What’s great about these guys is they are so progressive in their views, they tackle issues such as Race, Feminism, Equality, Homosexuality, and more with an outlook that I wish the whole world has. So not only are these two guys who you should listen to about film, you can also listen to their views on politics, Sports, books, TV, and life.

Lets delve into the podcast, give a history lesson. I’ve broken the podcasts first 210 episodes down into categories, fun facts, best and worst moments and more. I tried my best, but as you will see in my BnL by the Numbers segment, There has been many hours of podcast. I know I missed documenting a lot of moments, it’s almost impossible for one person to do. I got a lot of the highlights though, so let’s begin:

BNL by the numbers

While I’m sure Laremy and Brad will look at these numbers and sigh, the amount of time they’ve spent talking  to each other is astronomical. Brad may have a better count, but here is what I got when I added all the times together. I excluded episode 225, as it is a recap episode, and excluded Bonus episodes. as they were occasionally completely different entities all together.

Time Spent podcasting (Up to ep. 337) –

27, 650 minutes

460 hours and 50 minutes

19 days and 4 hours

(Without Ep. 225, a recap episode with 2 hrs and 59 minutes and bonus episodes.)

Shortest Episodes –

1st and 2nd episode – 25 minutes

Episode 34 – 21 minutes

Episode 64 – 19 minutes (Laremy’s side not recorded, make up episode)

Episode 169 – 13 minutes (Cannes Episode)

Longest Episodes –

Episode 123 – 2 hours (first episode to ever hit 2 hours)

Episode 132 – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Episode 192 – 2 hours and 1 minute

Episode 228- 2 Hr and 1 minute

Episode 285 – 2 hrs and 4 minutes

Episode 300, 319 – 2 hours

Fun Facts:

Not all are fun, not all are interesting, but they are facts:

  1. For the first 5 episodes the podcast did not have a name, in episode 6 Brad calls it “The Rope of Silicon Podcast” for the first time and in episode 7 the podcast is officially named “Brad and Laremy on movies”. In Episode 5, Laremy seriously brings up calling the Podcast “Mammals on Movies” or MOM for short.
  2. The Podcast was originally a show called “The All Rude Review”, We have heard clips of the all rude review on BnL on Movies, but only people around for “The All Rude Review” got to hear full episodes, of which there were 65 of, which are no longer available.
  3. In episode 5, Brad Says he is starting to become fed up with Marvel films, and predicts he will be completely fed up by the time ‘Thor 2’ Rolls around.
  4. Brad has been scolding Laremy for not seeing the “Before” series since episode 21, which he still hasn’t seen.
  5. Episode 24 was the first Tuesday episode and also the first time Blu-rays and DVD’s were done on the podcast
  6. While Episode 5 was the first “Argument”, or time the boys first really disagreed over ‘Bad Teacher’, There first real big argument was in episode 27, and it is the infamous ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’ Argument.
  7. The boys start begging for iTunes reviews in episode 30, Laremy says he would be happy with 25 reviews, but Brad wants 100! In episode 51, they read a review from iTunes for the first time. First time they read reviews from other countries is episode 191. In Episode 217, they reach 200 reviews.
  8. Brad has been an equivocator since early on, Over/Unders had only been around for not even two episodes, when he tried to “Push” and Laremy said no.
  9. Episode 50 happens on valentine’s day, and Brad and Laremy do tell each other they love one another, the first time they ever say it on the podcast.
  10. Brad says “Hit Record” for the first time in episode 51 and explains its use in episode 180
  11. In Episode 69, Laremy discusses Laremy.com for the first time, he talks about how it used to be a porn site. So yes, Porn was discussed in episode 69!
  12. The first Box office draft takes place on episode 72, It takes place with summer movies, and the rules are explained. The rules are changed over time, to add in alternates and bomb picks. Laremy has only ever won one Box office draft.
  13. In episode 95, they Talk about ghost busters 3 for first time, Brad sells it getting made, Laremy buys it
  14. Episode 141 is the first episode with Voicemails
  15. The boys don’t really want people to know their birthdays, but they both give it away at one point or another, Laremy’s is in June, and Brad’s is somewhere between February 8th and 11th.
  16. Brad and Laremy have many verbal tics, ones that have been brought up over the course of the podcast are “that’s just it” and “the thing about it is” for Brad. Laremy loves to say “National Nightmare”.
  17. Laremy stops saying Yolo as his outro in Episode 134, and starts saying “Send me on my way” in episode 135. He does end up retiring “Send me on my way” for “We are all Lizard People” later on.
  18. In episode 167, Laremy and brad discuss hanging up on each other once during the podcast. They’ve never talked about it before so I am unsure of when it happened. It’s a mystery.
  19. Episode 203 is Brad’s last episode not married, and 204 is his first episode as a married man.

Favorite Episodes & Favorite Discussions:

There are too many great moments to count, but this list highlight’s just a few of my own favorite moment

  • Great Discussion in episode 82 about directors they dislike
  • Episode 86, The Amazing Spider-Man review and more
  • A discussion about the three Anderson’s, Paul w. S Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson and Wes Anderson, turns out to be really great, in episode 85
  • A wonderful discussion about how the guys got their jobs, how they got started in the business of movie reviews in episode 115
  • Episode 136 is One of the more rant-y, but good episodes
  • Episode 147 has some hilarious reviews of A Good Day to Die Hard and Safe Haven
  • Episode 172 is a really great episode, one of my favorites, it includes reviews of After Earth, and Fast 6.
  • Episode 184 has a great review of Pacific Rim with Vince from the Playlist, it’s an overall great episode.
  • Episode 198 has a great discussion about how long films stay in theatres and ticket prices.
  • Episode 216 has great conversation about Happiness and Religion
  • Episode 218 is a great in-depth review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and sequel culture, Young Adult books and movies and more.

Best funny Moments & Stories:

These guys are the most fun and easiest to listen to because they know how to be funny. They have a killer sense of humor, and they play off each other well. For quite a few instances of that, listen to the moments below.

  • One of the angriest times I’ve heard Laremy is in episode 36, over people/critics calling things the best ever
  • War Horse Sequel Titles in episode 45
  • In Episode 48, we get our first story about the Infamous John C. Reilly security guard. Other episodes with John C. Reilly security guard are episode 53, 63, 134, 138. Episode 138 is most likely the final siting of The crazy security guard, and it was actually made by Laremy at a concert.
    In Episode 67, there is a New security guard, channeling John C. Reilly security guard
  • In episode 55, Brad discusses a funny story about being told on his taxes he received 4.1 million from Google ads. This in turn sends Laremy on a rant about Banking overdraft fees.
  • Beret/Elevator woman is discussed for the first time in episode 55. She is brought up again in episode 71, in what is the craziest story ever told on the podcast, as she asks someone on the elevator if their wife was dead, which she was. Beret Lady is back in episode 75, we learn that her name is Ellen. Back in episode 186.
  • Episode 58, one of the funniest moments comes from Brad and Laremy discussing The Lorax and it’s environmental views, Laremy compares it to The Lorax kicking down your door, he talks about taking the lorax out on a date. Extremely funny.
  • Episode 70 is the Podcasts 1 year anniversary and it turns out to be a rather hilarious episode, as I found myself laughing hysterically through jokes about Steven Spielberg pooping on your stoop, and Brad and Laremy on movies with Fred. Jokes you obviously have to hear to find funny.
  • Brad has a funny story about his physical in episode 74
  • In Episode 79, there is a running joke about ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’s’ legs, and it’s quite funny
  • Brad Discusses his storied history with Kevin Smith in Episode 91 for the first, After Kevin Smith gives his infamous speech.
  • In episode 105, Brad gets a little hyper and imitates Clint Eastwood for almost the whole episode, also doing the Graviton voice for the first time.
  • Hilarious review of the ‘Red Dawn’ remake in episode 123
  • In episode 200 Brad admits to Laremy that his comments after the moonrise Kingdom quote at the end of the episode are always cut off, and he uses it as a drop for the first time in this episode. Laremy is discouraged but it is funny.
  • Laremy discusses his book for the first time in episode 143, they discuss his Amazon.com review of the book that calls him a Tosser.

Worst Episodes & Moments:

Hey, Brad and Laremy can’t always be on the ball, The podcast is a lot of work. If you are a first time listener, I would not suggest starting with any of these moments in BnL history.

  • Episode 76 – One of the most boring, most monotonous, all over the place episodes I’ve ever heard.
  • Not necessarily one of the worst episodes, but Laremy is in a funk after his fathers passing, the boys argue over Django Unchained and the Great Gatsby, and they talk about people disliking over unders, and more.
  • Episode 64 is one of the sadder moments in BnL History, it’s only an 18 minute episode because the Guys recorded an hour and a half of podcast but didn’t get Laremy’s side recorded. This happens again in episode 112, but the guys come back later and record another hour-long episode.
  • In episode 137, Brad accidentally records his portion of the episode through his computer mic. And it sounds pretty horrible.
  • First Podcast after Laremy’s surgery for a deviated septum is episode 183, Ouch!
  • Episode 190 holds An infuriating conversation over Smurfs 2, Brad is a very combative person and arguments like this aren’t really interesting to me, but many listeners love them.
  • Laremy comes down with Bells Palsy while in Florida, and we learn about it in episode 212. it affects his speech a bit and hurts, it also makes it so he has a hard time saying the letter P. It affects him for a few episodes, Brad even does a special intro for Laremy in episode 213 about him “Rocking the Bells”

Best Fights:

Best fights is somewhat of an oxymoron isn’t it? I hate, hate, hate it when Brad and Laremy fight, while other listeners enjoy it immensely. I’ve had to fast-forward through fights, Why? because Brad and Laremy are so alike, and when they get going, they don’t always see each others side of the argument. Brad does not back down, he’ll keep talking and keep egging Laremy on, but Laremy doesn’t break either. The two hosts lock horns like battling Rams and don’t let go. Supposedly they’ve hung up on each other, but usually Laremy will just stop talking and let Brad get it out of his system, until Brad starts a new topic of discussion. The two best parts about a BnL fight is it stirs up a good conversation that usually goes beyond the fight and into the comments and further episodes. Also, Brad and Laremy get over a fight in about 5-10 minutes.

  1. Episode 27 – Fight over Breaking Dad Part 1
  2. Episode 82 Starts off so argumentative that it’s almost unbearable
  3. Episode 90, Huge conversation and an argument about rotten tomatoes, critics and negative reviews. Sparked by Eric Schneider being kicked off rotten tomatoes
  4. Episode 190 holds An infuriating conversation over Smurfs 2, Brad is the most combative person ever.
  5. 12 Years a Slave Fight in episode 200

The Movies:

Brad and Laremy have talked about almost every movie under the sun over the last few years, but there are a few that have really stuck out, for various reasons.

  • Marvel and the phases: The Superhero craze has effected Brad and Laremy over the years, Brad has taken much flak for his dislike of many superhero films, such as Guardians of the Galaxy, while being berated by Laremy for enjoying Thor. Brad and Laremy find humor in a lot of what Marvel does, but at the same time respect how marketable they have become. There have been countless jokes over the podcast, like poking fun at the absurdity of end credit scenes, especially when it’s just a hammer. The Marvel phases, the Marvel cinematic Universe, and the countless sequels have given Brad and Laremy hours of enjoyment and absurdity to discuss.
  • The Hobbit trilogy: Brad and Laremy have talked about The Hobbit trilogy since the very first episode of the podcast. They have been a huge conversation piece for nearly 300 episodes, especially given the fact that the movies were as bad as they were, how much walking they involved, and the pronunciation of Smaug.
  • War Horse: War Horse became quite the talking point for a while, as it exemplified Spielberg’s downward trend, and offered up a barrage of hilarious chatter.
  • Trouble with the Curve & Clint Eastwood: Trouble with the Curve came out about a year after Moneyball, and it disappointed. Brad and Laremy had quite a large amount of fun imitating the gruff Clint Eastwood.
  • The Dark Knight trilogy: The Dark knight Trilogy is included in this for two reasons; One: Laremy’s impression of Ban. Two: Brads disdain for anyone and everyone comparing every film to the “Dark and gritty” Dark Knight.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – We.Are.All.Lizard.People.Now.
  • The Smurfs 2 – Brads infamously took The Smurfs 2 in a box office draft, the way he so confidently stated that he was “Taking the Smurfs 2” had us all laughing, including Laremy who insisted it become a drop.
  • Gravity: The discussions surrounding Gravity on the podcast were plenty, as Brad and Laremy both liked it, but then found themselves backtracking while other critics quickly declared it “A masterpiece”. It led to many terrific conversations.
  • Prometheus: Brad and Laremy both enjoyed Prometheus to an extent, and this movie provided hours of great content.
  • Pacific Rim: Pac. Rim became a huge talking point as both Brad and Laremy hated the movie, while many listeners and critics loved it. The marketing provided Brad with some great music and drops as well.
  • Chappie: More recently, Neill Blomkamp’s Robot film Chappie has provided some funny drops, a great review, and some well deserved hate from Brad and Laremy
  • After Earth: what many people would claim is one of the best, if not The Best review done by Brad and Laremy. It’s funny how bad movies make for some of the best moments on the podcast.
  • Twilight series: The Twilight films had Brad and Laremy at odds several times, as Laremy defended them very slightly and Brad definitely did not.
  • Safe Haven & The Notebook: We’ve learned from the podcast that Laremy and Brad met by Laremy asking to work for Brad, Laremy sent brad his thousand page review of the notebook which he, and unbeknownst to Laremy, Brad hated. Several Years later the boys would see and review another Nicholas Sparks film that would spark almost as much hatred as The Notebook did.
  • Brad and Laremy on TV: Brad and Laremy don’t mind talking about TV now and then, discussing everything from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad to Seinfeld and 30 Rock.
  • And Many More: As I said, the boys have talked about many films, and there were many that the guys have taken hours of their lives to discussing, such as 12 Years a Slave, Her, The Nut Job, The Host,  A Good Day to Die Hard. Mr. Poppers Penguins, Love Actually, Anything but Tarantino or the Coen Brothers and more!

First Time/Long time Jokes:

These are some inside jokes that long-time listeners have heard for ever, and newbies will have to get used to. Some of these have been used since the beginning of the podcast, but they can be quite funny even now.

  1. “Your Boy” – Episode 1 – Laremy
  2. “Evar” i.e. “Best movie Ever” – Episode 2 – Laremy
  3. “Fact” I.e. saying something is a fact when it’s actually opinion – episode 27 – Brad
  4. “I enjoyed their early work” – Episode 38 – Laremy about Freddie Highmore
  5. “My favorite of the…” i.e. “This question is from Roberto925, my favorite of the roberto’s – Episode 45 – Laremy
  6. “Rope of Silicon Mansion” – episode 23
  7. “Lunch Box Dollars” i.e. You’re gunna want those lunch box dollars” – Episode 75
  8. “Oh, DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s came out today?” – Episode 104 – Laremy
  9. “Jabs(Jobs)” – Episode 114 – Brad
  10. “Not a Review” – Episode 126
  11. “Smaug” – episode 135 –


These games have been a huge part of the podcast over the years, it’s interesting to see the history of these games we love so much now, and how many games and variations of certain games there have been. For example, it is interesting to note that Over/Unders came in episode 45, Buy or Sells comes in episode 77 but Playing dem Percents doesn’t come until episode 137!

  1. Over/Unders- Laremy proposes doing an over/under segment in episode 43, It is first played in episode 45. Brad has been an equivocator since early on, Over/Unders had only been around for not even two episodes, when he tried to “Push” in episode 47, and Laremy said no. Brad was originally supplying all of the Over/Unders, until in episode 49 Listener Tom submitted the first Over/Under. In Episode 88 Laremy does an intro for over/unders, Same as. It is today, without bird noise. Rudie’s intro is used for the first time in episode 149.
  2. Buy/Sell – in episode 53, listener Kyle Coley suggests Brad and Laremy do Buy or Sells, a segment from “Around the Horn”, nothing ever comes of this. In episode 77, Bmac or Ben submits the first ever buy or sell, before buy or sell was ever a segment. Buy or Sell becomes a segment in episode 78. In Episode 81, Laremy tells the story of his friend buying and selling, which sparks the intro to Buy or sells. Rudie’s intro for Buy or Sells isn’t used until Episode 166.
  3. Watch This or That: Commenter “The Colleague” suggests and submits the first Watch this or Watch that in episode 97, it gets an intro in episode 131
  4. Would You Rather: Listener Snicket submits a segment called Would You Rather, and it is played for the first time in episode 115
  5. Foreign Film Titles: Played for the first time in episode 122, and an intro is given in episode 133. Laremy reads them to Brad for the first time in episode 147.
  6. True or False: Submitted by Snicket and done for the first time in episode 125
  7. Playing Dem Percents – in episode 137 Brad suggests playing some form of percentage game, in episode 138 they play Playing Dem Percents, but call it Oddsmakers, Laremy does some form of intro where he sings. In Episode 139 Listener named Mike tells Brad and Laremy that their new game odds makers, isn’t really making odds, so they change the game to playing them percents, Laremy does the intro for the first time. Rudie’s intro is used for the first time in episode 149.
  8. Taglines: The Game Taglines is played for the first time in Episode 147
  9. Which Would be Better?: The Game Which would be better? is played for the first time in Episode 147
  10. MPAA Rating game: MPAA ratings based in their description is a game played in episode 147
  11. Gotta Get Them Clicks: This game was a game first played in episode 198, the guys had to decided which headline would get more clicks.

Good Tweets:

Love them or hate them, the goal is basically for Laremy to come up with 3 tweets a week and to make Brad laugh at the sheer, wonderful stupidity of it all.

  • Episode 51, Laremy suggests a segment which would later become good tweets, calls it “tweets from the cutting room floor” , Brad calls it #GoodTweets. Laremy only had 2 tweets the first time.
  • The intro to “Good Tweets” is done for the first time in episode 55.
  • In episode 65, Laremy does a Good Tweet, it is about a Giraffe sticking it’s head out of a vehicles sunroof, Which later happened in ‘The Hangover 3’
  • First sponsor of good tweets is Greg and Megan, first mention of Greg and Megan, Celebrity couple
  • In Episode 83, Laremy calls good comments segment the most beloved podcast segment instead of good tweets , but switches it back in episode 125 after Good Comments had not been around for a while
  • In Episode 107, Laremy makes a Good Tweet about someone getting engaged, it’s actually about Brad getting engaged to Cheetara. We don’t find that out until the next episode because Cheetara put it on Facebook.
  • Episode 141 is the first time Brad plays the circus music to intro Laremy’s Good Tweets, he really hates it
  • The third Tweet in episode 147 had me laughing.
  • Numbers 1-5, demon voice Used to introduce Good Tweets in episode 159, as well as The Circus Music played with tweeting noises.
  • “Good Tweets”: Clip from ‘The Other Guys’ is used for the first time in episode 179

World Travelers:

Brad and Laremy have been around, and so has the podcast, as the boys have done podcasts from numerous places such as:

California: in Episode 66, Laremy is coming to us from a FedEx Kinko’s in sunny California

Dublin, Ireland: Episode 68 Laremy is in Dublin Ireland, he wrangled his way into an office to record the podcast so he is very subdued. Brad forces him to do his Good Tweets, but he still wouldn’t sing.

Charleston, South Carolina: Episode 93, Laremy is in SC and Brad makes him turn the noisy AC unit off, causing Laremy to sweat.

Chicago: Laremy is recording from Chicago, in episode 118

Greece: Laremy is in Greece in episode 160, mid-podcast Brad says he’ll call Laremy back; he hangs up and then calls him back. Was that supposed to be edited out?

Cannes: Brad and special guests come on to discuss several movies from the Cannes film Festival from episode 168 to 170

Miami, Florida: Laremy is in Miami Florida in episode 212

Commenters, Voicemails and Good Comments:

  • Listeners and Commentors have been a huge part of the podcast, here are some pivotal moments over the course of the show:
  • The First Commenter ever mentioned was a commenter by the name of “MFan”
  • Frequent commenter Maja has been a commenter since episode 40, and Adu episode 44. Magill Foote’s first comment is in episode 209.
  • In Episode 73, A commenter by the name of “Cranberry” comments on Brads ‘Get The Gringo’ review, and it’s a funny conversation. Brad and Laremy assume Cranberry is actually Mel Gibson
  • In episode 74, Laremy is upset with commenter Raxcerx who doesn’t like good tweets
  • Good comments actually becomes a segment in episode 79.
  • Chad is discussed for the first time, and how he keeps track of the games. As of episode 199, Chad is still listening.
  • In Episode 83, Laremy calls good comments segment the most beloved podcast segment instead of good tweets
  • In Episode 92, “Margaret Thatcher’s purse” leaves comments upset about Brad and Laremy discussing Aurora shooting on the podcast in episode 91, they call Brad and Laremy Disgusting and shameful
  • They get their first negative iTunes review in episode 97
  • In a Good Comments segment in episode 112, Brad gets called Brett in a good comment and it is Quite funny.
  • The First Voicemail is in episode 141, left by Trishana(sp?). other first voicemails come from follow are epaindds, korbin, tj, jnfilms, zarnass, David G (galardy), A.S. AnyLuvsFilms has his first voicemail in episode 188.
  • Listener ‘Safe Haven’ reviews are played for the first time in episode 206, the winner is chosen in episode 207 and it is Greg.
  • My first Comment is in episode 210.

The Guests:

Sometimes, it’s good to get an extra voice…

  1. Kevin Jagernauth – K-Jags from the Playlist is the shows first guest in episode 79, he appears for the whole episode, but is there mostly to discuss Prometheus. Kevin takes Laremy’s spot in episode 192, while Laremy is off filming a documentary. Kevin has been on the podcast more than any other guest.
  2. Cheetara/Lindsay & Cinemascore/Laura – Laremy discusses his wife, Laura, for the first time in episode 10, Brad brings up his then girlfriend, now wife, Lindsay in episode 17. Brads sister is brought up in episode 27. Lindsay isn’t called Cheetara until episode 74, she makes her first appearance with a sneeze in episode 75. Cinemascore/Laura is on the podcast first time in episode 95. Cinemascore/Laura and cheetara/ Lindsay come on together for the first time in episode 97 to discuss Bourne legacy and review it. It’s really the first time Lindsay is on. The girls come back on in episode 100 to discuss The Bachelorette
  3. Vince – Vince from film Drunk on for first time in episode 100. Vince and Ben make very small appearances with a hung over Laremy in episode 118. Vince infamously reviews ‘Pacific Rim’ with the guys on episode 184.
  4. The French connection, Aurelien and Emma – Orifrom France are on speaking entirely French
  5. Matt Olmon – Creator of the short film “Paisley” , Matt Olmon, is on the episode.
  6. Sylvester Lopez: On episode 168
  7. Ben Aston: Creator of the short film ‘He Took his Skin off For Me’ is on episode 184
  8. Matt Risnes: Matt is on episode 187 to discuss ‘Pacific Rim’ because he thought positively of it,
  9. Mike Shutt: Mike Shutt is a guest for the first time on episode 300

Laremy Sings:

Hey, if Laremy didn’t sing, how else would we end the episode?

  • Laremy sings for the first time in episode 53, he sings ‘Man or Muppet’ from ‘The Muppets’ and turns it into Brad or Muppet
  • One of the best songs Laremy sings is “only wanna be with you” by Hootie and the Blowfish, it’s amazing
  • Laremy forgets to sing in episode 186
  • “OhOHoh”: Laremy sings “Use Somebody” and makes this odd noise while singing during episode 154, Brad later turns it into a drop and uses it in episode 156
  • “Say dabudabooduu”: This clip of Laremy singing Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let die” is sang in episode 156 and is later used as a drop in episode 157.


Brad expresses his wish to use drops in episode 14. The first episode with any form of added audio, besides music, is a clip of Laremy interviewing Gary Oldman. Brad tried drops/sound effects in episode 54, but it does not work for listeners, Later in the episode Brad attempts a “Booing” sound effect, it causes Brad and Laremy to not be able to hear each other, so Brad forgoes the Drops… for now.

Episode 141 is the first time that Brad gets drops up and running, where The listeners, Laremy and Brad can hear them. It is the first time Laremy gets to hear the into and outro music and the first drop used is the dinging noise to let someone know they are right.

Brad had to go in on episode 197 and add-on all the audio drops because they didn’t

Inevitable drop: Laremy says Inevitable, the way it is said in Team America, in episode 50. The drop is used for the first time in episode 150.

Good Tweet drop: in episode 15 Laremy says good tweet for the first time, and quotes “at the crime scene lol” from ‘The Other Guys’ for the first time

Hot Fuzz Drop: The drop “Little hands says it’s time to rock n’ Roll” from Hot fuzz is used for the first time in episode 56. It is used as the shows intro. This intro was only used for 5 episodes as listeners complained and it was removed for episode 61.

Matt Damon Drop: used in episode 56

Glasses on/Glasses off Drop: Laremy says glasses on, glasses off for the first time in episode 82

Racial: Laremy says “Racial” from the office

“We do our very best to not know anything about movies”: This saying, which later becomes a drop, is said by Brad in episode 141

“Take a lookie it’s a Wookie” – This Saying, which later becomes a drop, is said by Laremy in episode 143. It is used as a drop for the first time in episode 198.

Glass Case of Emotion: Drop is played in episode 153

Thunder Bolt Drop: Laremy pretends to be God or an almighty ruler, with this Drop used first in ep. 153

Lock it Up Drop: Played in ep. 154

“OhOHoh”: Laremy sings “Use Somebody” and makes this odd noise while singing during episode 154, Brad later turns it into a drop and uses it in episode 156

“Say dabudabooduu”: This clip is of Laremy singing Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let die” in episode 156 is later used as a drop in episode 157.

Numbers 1-5, demon voice: Used to introduce Good Tweets in episode 159

“I’m taking the smurfs 2”: Brad says this in episode 162, and it later becomes a drop.

“I’m a peacock and you need to let me fly drop”: This Drop from ‘The Other Guys’ is used in episode 167

“Your off the fucking chain”: from hot fuzz drop used in episode 167

Fast 6 drops: That’s the deal, take it or leave it and Ride or Die are first introduced in episode 174

“Seinfeld”: Two drops from Seinfeld, “living in a society’ and Elaine getting stepped on, in episode 178

“Good Tweets”: Clip from ‘The Other Guys’ is used for the first time in episode 179

Raising Arizona Drops: First time drops for : “okay then” and “so many social engagements so little time” from ‘raising Arizona’

Smaug: first Smaug drop used in episode 204, 2nd Smaug drop in episode 205

“Why is everyone so fucking stupid” drop: played in episode 209

Well, this write-up came in at over 5500 words, and I’ll keep trucking. Once I got to where I had begun listening originally, it has become a tad boring to listen to episodes I’ve already heard once, no matter how long ago. I’m still listening to the back catalog when I get bored, and taking notes, in hopes that I could make a Rope of Silicon podcast Wiki one day.

My suggestion, after all of this, is to listen to Brad and Laremy on movies, and read RopeofSilicon.com for all of your movie news and reviews. I think podcasts are great because they evoke a conversation to be had, and it allows for you to think about the conversation the hosts are having. So, let’s say that you listen to BnL and don’t like it, because you dislike Brad or Laremy (but how?), or you don’t want to listen to a podcast on movies. What you do then is find a podcast you will like, there are thousands, and definitely some that will pique your interests.

Anyways, Thanks for reading about something that has quickly become one of my favorite things in the world, Below is a picture of my dog who I named Bugsy after Laremy’s dog Bugsy.


I am in no way affiliated with RopeofSilicon.com, nor the BnL Podcast, I have not been paid, asked or coerced into writing this, even though it looks like I was. I am a fan, and decided to do something with the knowledge I had.

Thanks for Reading!

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