• Prey (2022) review

    This is prime example of how to take a franchise around since the 80s and make it fresh, giving fans of the franchise what they want and also breathing fresh air into it.

    While they’re completely different films, it’s reminiscent of what Ridley Scott attempted to do with Prometheus; but better. I love Prometheus, but Scott tried to do too much with that movie. Director Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) and writer Patrick Aison weave an interesting story. Like Prometheus did for The Xenomorphs and Space Jockeys, Prey uncovers more of the Predators/Yautja story, but unlike Prometheus, it doesn’t leave you with too many burning questions; if any. 

    I’m in several Predator Facebook groups, and of course the word “woke” was thrown around from the very first trailer. If I could remove one word from the world’s vocabulary it would be Woke. People calling Prey unrealistic for having a female protagonist, didn’t Ripley show us women can kick ass over 40 years ago? Grow up. 

    Either way, Prey seems to combat this by building an interesting an complex character in Naru, played greatly by Amber Midthunder. The score is great, and the effects are stellar. 

    As a Predator fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this return, witnessing the origin and subtle beginnings of his alien. The dogs pretty great as well.

  • Batgirl movie not being released, despite being (almost) finished

    Leslie Grace as Batgirl

    Leslie Grace, who burst onto the scene last year in the Musical “In the Heights”, was to portray the titular Batgirl in the new film, which was expected to release sometime next year. “Batgirl” would also see J.k. Simmons returning as commissioner James Gordon, father to Barbara Gordon (batgirl). This movie would have also had Michael Keaton returning as batman, and Brendan Fraser as the Villain.

    The movie is completed, filming wrapped in March 2022, but news broke today that audiences will not be seeing the final project… Ever.

    Warner Bros. Is now under the new Warner Bros. Discovery, which also includes HBO, DC, TLC, CNN and much more. Variety reported that the Studio is not necessarily cancelling the movie due to its quality, but because batgirl was not of the “Blockbuster scale”. Essentially what they’re saying is it wasn’t up to Marvel standards.

    Maybe this is a good sign, someone over at Warner Bros. Might be making the decisions DC hasn’t been able to make properly. The company also axed a sequel to “Scoob”, which had already reportedly cost 40 million.

    Either way, the story is baffling and almost unheard of in the movie industry. Batgirl is reported to have cost between 70 and 100 million dollars. Audiences at early tests screenings said the movie was “irredeemable”.

    So Warner Bros. Had to make a decision, sink more money into Batgirl for reshoots, then all the cash to promote the movie (which can be 10 to 40 million for a movie like this). Or, they dump it onto HBO Max the way it is, and if it’s as terrible as they say, DC/WB/HBO Max loses credibility.

    DC is already struggling, no decision has been made yet on what to do with the upcoming “Flash” movie starring the troubled Ezra Miller, and Aquaman 2 with Amber heard.

    it looks like Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to take the hit on Batgirl (and the Scoob sequel), and they will be tax write-offs. If they use these movies as tax write-offs then that means Batgirl can not be released in any format where it could make money. So unless WB decides to offer it up for free, audiences will most likely never see it.

    Part of me feels that we will eventually see this, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Ranking The Jurassic Park/World Universe

    Ranking The Jurassic Park/World Universe

    by Mitchy Daily

    It’s time to rank the entire Jurassic Park/Franchise! Now that I’ve seen Dominion and the final season of Camp Cretaceous. From the Original to the Lego films, every season of Camp Cretaceous and Dominion, see where I have them ranked!

    15. Lego Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit (Part 1 and 2).

    1.5 out of 5 stars – Too silly for me, definitely aimed at kids, and probably not made for me.

    14. Lego Jurassic World: The Indominous Escape

    2/5 stars – Again, very silly, has dinosaurs, and humans, chasing a guy in a costume for most of the movie. Some interesting hybrid stuff.

    13. Camp Cretaceous: Season 4

    2-1/2 /5- if the kids had woken up at the end of this season, and said it was all a dream, that would have made more sense than most of what happens in this season. There are some interesting character moments, but when a show that is supposed to be canon introduces Robots and a hybrid dinosaur mix of a carnivore and herbivore, you’re going to lose people. Again, I know it’s a kid’s show, but there are too many logic problems.

    12. Camp Cretaceous: Season 1

    3/5 This is a hard show to recommend to anyone but die-hard Jurassic fans, or kids because season 1 is pretty difficult to get through. You’ll grow to love the characters later, but mostly they are grating in season 1, it does end quite well though, and some pretty cool moments watching these kids survive the events happening during Jurassic World.

    11. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    3.5/ 5: This is where the franchise really started to stray, relying on action more than dinosaurs. I enjoy a lot of this movie, the first hour is fun and intriguing, but once they’re off the island, it starts to get pretty dull.

    10. Camp Cretaceous: Season 2

    3.5 / 5: Season 2 introduces 2 very annoying villains, Mitch and Tiff (although nowhere near as annoying as Kash in season 4) but the storyline involving these two new characters is fresh and fun, and the kids have to deal with some interesting dilemmas, and it’s nice to see the show doesn’t shy away from killing a character or two.

    9. Camp Cretaceous: Season 5

    4/5 stars – I think I give Season 3 the edge over Season 5, by a very small margin, because Season 5 still has the stink of Season 4 on it. Season 5 is the final season, and it ended well, but it would have been interesting to see this crew dealing with dinosaurs somewhere between the Fallen Kingdom and Dominion, in Season 6, which is not happening. Overall, the show ends well with surprises, high stakes, great character developments, and great dinosaur moments.

    8. Camp Cretaceous: Season 3

    4/5 stars: for my money season 3 is the best season of the show to date. Thrilling with some Exciting character moments. It also pays homage to Jurassic Park in lovely ways.

    7. Jurassic Park 3

    3.5/5 stars: This movie was released when I was in prime Dino-loving age and was already obsessed with the first two films in the series. It also introduced me to new exciting dinosaurs, and brought back Alan Grant, who I loved, and still do. I am not blind to its fault, the movie didn’t even have a finished script when it started filming, but

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  • 2 Jurassic World Cameos you missed in Jurassic World: Dominion!

    2 Jurassic World Cameos you missed in Jurassic World: Dominion!

    Have you seen Jurassic World: Dominion yet? The movie is breaking the box office, the number one movie in the world!

    If you have seen it, and you are a Jurassic Park/World fan like myself you were probably very happy with that double cameo at the end.

    Spoilers for Jurassic World: Dominion below:

    At the end of Jurassic World Dominion, after the Trex known as Rexy defeats the Giganotosaurus, with the help of the therizinosaurus, and after the fires have stopped we see her re-enter the biosyn habitat.

    Who does she meet? The Buck and Doe from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997).

    From Universals The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    It has been confirmed that the two T-Rexes that Rexy runs into are the Buck and the Doe!

    Writer/director of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Dominion confirmed on Twitter

    Who are The Buck and Doe?

    If you’ve seen The Lost World: Jurassic Park, you know them pretty well. In the movie, Nick Van Owen (Vince Vaughn) and Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore) find an injured Juvenile T-Rex which they bring back to their trailer to help.

    Nick and Sarah try to help the injured T-Rex in Universals The Lost World:Jurassic Park

    Once they fix the Juvenile Rex, Mommy and Daddy come looking for it. They get their child back and return for the humans. Pushing the trailer over the cliff, almost killing Sarah, Nick and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), but killing their friend Eddie (Richard Schiff). Do you remember, the guy pulled out of the jeep and ripped it in half?

    Eddie Carr being ripped in half in Universals The Lost World: Jurassic Park

    Those two that ripped Eddie in half, are the Buck and Doe. The Buck and Doe are the main antagonists of the movie, snacking on several humans.

    The Buck is later tranquillized with Junior, the Juvenile Rex, and brought to San Diego. Once in San Diego, the Bug terrorizes the city, killing many before eventually being shipped back to Isla Sorna.

    Isla Sorna

    Jurassic Park and Jurassic World were built on the Island of Isla Nublar. Both the first Jurassic Park and Jurassic World take place there, as does the first half of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

    Isla Sorna is also known as site B, it was a secret island where dinosaurs were created, and kept before they would be transfered to the Park on Jurassic Park. Shortly after Jurassic Park failed, a hurricane struck Isla Sorna and it was evacuated, leaving the dinosaurs to roam freely.

    Map of the 6 islands created by Squelette-Fossile-Shop

    The events of The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 take place on Isla Sorna. Jurassic Park 3 explores more of this mysterious second island and some of the different dinosaurs that inhabit it.

    In Jurassic World: Dominion, Ramsay Cole (Mamoudou athie) explains that some dinosaurs were rescued from Isla Sorna and brought to Biosyns new research Facility.

    Ramsay (middle) with Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant in Universals Jurassic World: Dominion

    What does this mean?

    After the first two Jurassic Movies, there were rumours among the communities and movie creators that the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna had all perished, rumours of viruses or that the “Lysine contingency” discussed in earlier movies had killed all the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna.

    Now, it is clear that the Dinosaurs on Isla Sorna continued to thrive after the events of Jurassic Park 3, and many were rescued including the Buck and Doe saw in Jurassic World:Dominion.

    What happened to the Juvenile T-Rex?

    Junior, the child of the Buck and Doe, in the Lost world

    The Juvenile Trex is not in Jurassic World Dominion, and the answer why is pretty obvious… He’s dead.

    While it hasn’t been confirmed, this may be proof that the T-Rex that the Spinosaurus killed in Jurassic Park 3, was the Juvenile Rex from The Lost World.

    Possibly Junior, being killed by the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3

    Another theory I have is that the child of the Buck and Doe would probably not be spending time with its parents, and may be somewhere else in the Biosyn preserve. Claiming its own territory. Definitely interesting for us Jurassic fans to ponder. I will have more Jurassic content coming!

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  • My favorite TV shows ever!

    My favorite TV shows ever!

    Here are my ten favorite tv shows of all time. I often am chastised for not watching enough TV, I’ve never seen Stranger Things or Breaking Bad. I don’t have time for most TV, I’d rather stick to movies and I watch about 200 to 300 of those a year.

    That being said, TV might be the best format there is, if used correctly. It allows characters to be fully fleshed out and storylines room to unfold in a more natural fashion.

    What are your favorite tv shows?

    10. Seinfeld

    The king of all comedies, as funny today is it was when it was released in the 90s. Unlike anything ever made.


    9. Schitts Creek

    Who would have thought a Canadian comedy would come out and be so relevant and revolutionary, and hilarious at the same time.

    Schitts Creek

    8. Family Guy

    Yepp, Family Guy. The show that’s raised me for the better part of my life, and has been consistently funny. It has yet to win an Emmy, as the Simpsons overshadows it. I think that will be a regret of the Academy and the public in the future.

    Family Guy

    7. The Haunting of Hill House

    I can’t believe a one season show affected me so much. I love the spookiness and the family, a show I love to rewatch.

    The Haunting of Hill House

    6. Parks and Recreation

    At times, smarter and funnier than The Office, and with characters so great you’re emotionally attached by the end.

    Parks and Recreation

    5. Greys Anatomy

    Now show has delivered more characters and storylines that have shaped who I am. Greys anatomy has pushed on into its plethora of seasons, but it always pushes the envelope and remains relevant.

    Greys Anatomy

    4. Game of Thrones

    Season 8 might have upset most of us Game of Thrones fans, while it was still entertaining, the seeds for something so much better were there. Besides that, for 7 seasons Game of Thrones delivered some of the best TV to ever grace the small screen.

    3. The Office

    No tv show, or movie for that matter, can make me laugh quite like The Office can, with several characters worthy of their own show, and the one and only Michael Scott (Steve Carrel) leading the circus

    2. Lost

    Incredibly entertaining, great writing, mystery and characters. Lost has it all. I’ve gotten many people into this show and none have regretted it.


    1. Six Feet Under

    When it comes to HBO shows, most people don’t remember this show, but it deserves to be remembered as one of the greats a show that helped me deal with loss, and so much more. Six Feet Under is well acted, written and should be remembered more.

    Six Feet Under

    Honorable Mentions:

    30 Rock, Friends, Community, Wandavision, Arrested Development, Sesame Street, Planet Earth, CSI, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dexter, Community, Hell’s Kitchen, The Golden Girls, Happy Endings, The Walking Dead, The Muppet Show, Saturday Night Live

  • The 2022 Oscars

    The 2022 Oscars

    I have watched every Oscars/Academy Awards since I was 14 in 2004 when The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King swept the awards. 17 years ago I became a dedicated Oscars fan and my love for movies had just begun.

    I have always been a fan of Oscar’s, in recent years I find myself defending them more than anything else. Their relevance and what they are, but it is my Superbowl and an event I look forward to.

    When you love something you should be honest, and this year the Oscars were pretty horrendous.

    Going into the Oscars, there was already a bad stench surrounding the awards show and what was on the horizon. The Academy had made the decision to give out 8 awards before the actual taping of the show so the show would run faster, yet the show still ran 40+ minutes overtime.

    Hans Zimmer has consistently created amazing movie scores since the 90s, most recently for films like Dunkirk, Interstellar, and Inception. He won his first Oscar in 1995 for The Lion King and won his deserved 2nd Oscar tonight for the Dune Score. He is currently in Amsterdam, so he was not able to receive his Oscar. Maybe he would have attempted to be at the awards show to accept his Oscar if they hadn’t made the decision to pretape the Original Score category.

    The show always runs over, it is actually a staple at this point, but if you’re editing down acceptance speeches then you should have a more time conscientious show.

    I don’t think the hosts did a bad job, I’ve always found Wanda Sykes to be a bit Cringe-worthy, her “acting” is not great. Amy Schumer and Regina Hall were funny, both willing to do anything for a laugh. Although, I would have to say that the jokes written for them were very up and down. Some of the jokes actually came across as crass, making fun of movies and actors not nominated. Another slap in the face Ridley Scott didn’t need.

    The biggest offense the Oscars has committed is its willingness to do anything to appeal to a younger crowd, yet it has ten nominees up for best picture that most viewers haven’t seen. The Power of the Dog was the front runner, winning for Best Director and was divisive among most, including myself.

    The Oscar’s viewership has been in steady decline over the last decade or so, but so has every award program from the Emmys to the Grammys. Just a few years ago The Oscars drew in about 30 million people, and now they average under 10 million people. I’m sure the people at ABC care about the declining viewers, They want more advertising money and greed is ruining the show.

    They are doing everything they can to appeal to a younger audience yet the movies they nominate do not appeal to a younger audience. The Academy can do what they want to the show to try and attract viewers, but they can’t influence voters. Film Lovers are Film Lovers and they are going to vote for who they want to vote for, and the Academy is full of Film fans. So what can the Academy do to try and gain viewers, invite young nominees, and create fake awards aimed at youth?

    The categories they created this year were an embarrassment, meant to celebrate the best moments of the year, and were ruined by super fans and trolls. “Most Cheer worthy moment” went to A forgettable Flash Moment from Justice League after 4 great moments in movie history, clearly orchestrated by DC Comic Fans with something to prove. The worst though is top 3 fan-favorite movies went to Minamata (3), Cinderella(2), and Army of the Dead(1). Minamata is a Johnny Depp movie that no one has seen, but Depp Fans came out to vote for it against Amber Heard Abuse Allegations. Cinderella is a largely hated Musical on Amazon Prime starring pop star Camila Cabello, which received the most votes from Cabello fans. Army of the Dead is a Netflix Zombie movie that wasn’t very good, and probably received votes because it was directed by Zack Snyder who directed Justice League which wasn’t eligible and the DC comic fans came out in full force. This stupid category proves you can’t do fan-voted polls because it is very easy to make fake accounts and ruin it for everyone.

    I was almost willing to look over this until the worst atrocity of the evening, the In Memoriam, which honestly just pissed me off. Usually, I don’t notice when someone is accidentally left out, but missing Norm MacDonald, Bob Saget, and Ed Asner is a pretty ugly atrocity. Having the In Memoriam focus more on the people performing a song during it feels pretty gross as well. If you want to see a good in Memoriam, watch the SAG awards In memoriam, very well done.

    Now we get to the moment of the night, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. The amount of people I see defending Will Smith is humiliating. He laughed at the joke, he saw it upset his wife, and thought “I should walk on stage and hit this man”. There were 100 better ways to handle the situation, and it ruined his Oscar-winning moment moments later. Not only ruined his Oscar-winning moment but others like Quest Love who won after Smith for Best Documentary. I can understand standing up for your partner, but attacking someone trying to make a comedy is sad, especially if Rock wasn’t aware of Pinkett’s hair troubles.

    All of this comes a year after the Academy wanted to give an award posthumously to Chadwick Boseman, and they rearranged the show so that best actor was the final award given, and then it deservedly went to Anthony Hopkins.

    They promised to have a performance of the song of the year “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” yet fans of the song knew it was wrong from the opening moments, and then Megan Thee Stallion joined the song and it was completely awkward.

    Then, they decided to have the 50 year anniversary of The Godfather, and during the montage of the movie they played rap… instead of … I don’t know… Maybe the iconic score from the movie?

    There were some good moments of the night that did shine through, moments the Academy didn’t have their fingers in. The musical performances were good, especially for Billie Eilish and Reba.

    Troy Kotsur’s Best Supporting actor speech was an emotional highlight of the night, sure to make Oscar history. Billie Eilish and Ariana Debose also had great speeches. Samuel L. Jackson supposedly won a lifetime achievement award, but I don’t remember seeing anything about it, which stinks.

    Anyways, I’ve gone on far too long. I’m so disappointed.

  • Turning Red (2022) review

    I shouldn’t even have a say on whether or not I liked or connected to this film. It isn’t for me, and there are young girls out there, Asian families, and other kids who are going to love and even need this movie so I’m happy it exists.
    It takes place in Toronto in 2002 when I was 12, which is exciting all around. Tamagochi’s, boy bands and Daisy Mary make an appearance. 

    Pixar/Disney’s Turning Red

    I couldn’t connect to the movie, I liked the first half but then it slipped and became largely goofy for me, with little humour. The four young girls are headache-inducing, but 12 year old me thought girls screaming and pining over boy bands was irritating as well.

    The movie falls apart in the 3rd act, as it moves along, its messages lose their subtlety. Even though Turning Red is about a little girl who turns into a giant red panda, it attempts to ground itself in reality until it doesn’t. 

    If your movie is about fish or cars that can talk, or a glimpse into a version of the Afterlife, or toys that come alive, you have to transport me to that world and convince me. 
    In Turning Red there was a disconnect and I just could not buy-in. 

    My two boys love it, they’ve seen it 3 times, I think the zaniness, giant animals, music and excitement of it all grabs their attention. I’m happy with that because the message of being who you are is very easy to read and one I hope they pay heed to. 

    3/5 Stars

  • The Best of 2021

    The Best of 2021

    31 Categories compiled from 160 movies watched. The best of 2021 are as follows: enjoy Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Letterboxd and Instagram

    1. The Best Movies of 2021
    2. Best Lead Male Actor
    3. Best Lead Female Actor
    4. Best Female Actor – Supporting
    5. Best Male Actor – Supporting
    6. Best Comedic Performance of 2021
    7. Best Ensemble Performance
    8. Best Young Actor
    9. Best Newcomer/Breakout Performance
    10. The 2021 Scene Stealers
    11. Best Director
    12. Best Writing/Screenplay
    13. Best Original Songs
    14. Best score
    15. Best Action & Stunt Work
    16. Best Romantic Relationship
    17. Best Friendship (or other non-romantic relationship)
    18. Best Familial Relationship
    19. Best Voice Acting, Narration or Voice-over
    20. Best New Characters
    21. Best Returning Characters
    22. Underrated/Underappreciated Movies
    23. Best Villains/Monster
    24. LGBTQ+ Awards
    25. Best Cinematography
    26. Best Editing
    27. Best Makeup
    28. Best Hair-styling
    29. Best Costume Design
    30. Best Production Design
    31. Best Visual Effects

    The Best Movies of 2021

    2021 wasn’t the greatest year for movies, but I can’t deny there were some great movies and moments in film last year. It was an odd year for me as most films that other film aficionado’s loved, I didn’t. For example Power of the Dog, Belfast, Spencer, The French Dispatch and even West Side Story failed to wet my whistle; not even breaking my top 40. While some other critic darlings, The Beta Test, The Lost Daughter and Annette, I despised.

    Below my list you can click the link and see a ranking of all 167 films I saw from 2021, I have to admit, at least 60-65 of them were pretty damn good movies.

    Some Years I worry my lists are to aligned with the Academy Awards, and it bothers me, while this year I’ve had the exact opposite problem. I’ve posted a top 20 for a few years now, I can never seem to cull my list to ten, the feeling I’ve left out something is far to pervasive.

    In my mind we saw a masterpiece in 2021, something that was not appreciated enough in its time, Dune. Denis Villeneuveis a master and created something incredible. Most audiences expected something they’d seen before, like Star Wars, and when they got something new and deeper, they pushed back. We’re very lucky we are going to get Part 2.

    How can The Suicide Squad be my number 2, well it exceeded any expecations put upon by a million miles. James Gunn is one of our greatest director/writers of our time and he came out and made something better than he has, including both Guardians movies (which I do love). Bo Burnham’s Inside was my number one for quite a while, it’s one of the best thing a Comedian has created in many years, it’s too bad it wasn’t eligible for film awards, because it is more of a film than anything else. The only good thing I’ve seen that concerns Covid-19.

    Pig is beautiful, and the best thing Nicolas Cage has done in years, Riders of Justice has everything a movie fan could want, and Spider-Man: No Way Home brings hope to phase 4 of the MCU.

    Anyways, enjoy all the lists below, and please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Letterboxd and Instagram

    1. Dune
    2. The Suicide Squad
    3. Bo Burnham: Inside
    4. Pig
    5. Riders of Justice
    6. Spider-Man: No Way Home
    7. Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street
    8. Flee
    9. Encanto
    10. The Last Duel
    11. Tick, Tick… Boom!
    12. Licorice Pizza
    13. Coda
    14. Oxygen
    15. Lamb
    16. Psycho Goreman
    17. Nobody
    18. Mass
    19. Son
    20. Summer of Soul (… or, When the Revolution Could not be Televised)

    Other Movies that deserved to be mentioned: The Killing of Two Lovers, V/H/S/94, Old Henry, Cryptozoo, Violation, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar, Malignant, The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines, The Rescue, Luca, A Quiet Place Part 2

    Ranking all 167 2021 Movies: https://letterboxd.com/mitchy/list/2021-best-to-worst/

    Best Lead male actor

    Asked me a year ago and I would never have believed Andrew Garfield would be an Oscar Nominee again, let alone one of my favorite acting performances of the year. I thought Garfield’s time was over, but he’s come back with a vengeance.

    I would have loved to put Bo Burnham on the List for Inside, while I will include Inside on other lists, it didn’t seem fair here. Will Smith seems like the front runner for the Oscar, while he gave a great performance, I think the Academy wants to give it to him for career achievement.

    1. Andrew Garfield – Tick, Tick Boom 
    2. Mads Mikkelson – Riders of Justice
    3. Will Smith – King Richard 
    4. Nicolas Cage – Pig
    5. Andrew Garfield – The Eyes of Tammy Faye
    6. Denzel Washington – the tragedy of Macbeth
    7. Leonardo DiCaprio – Don’t Look Up 
    8. Cooper Hoffman – Licorice Pizza
    9. Simon Rex – red rocket 
    10. Tim Blake Nelson – Old Henry 

    Caleb Landry Jones – Nitram, Casey Affleck – Our Friend, Ralph Fiennes – the dig, Winston Duke – Nine days, Jason Isaacs – Mass, Bob Odenkirk – Nobody, Daniel Craig – No Time to Die, Bradley Cooper – Nightmare Alley, Benedict Cumberbatch – The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, The Power of the Dog – Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonathan MAjors – The Harder they Fall.

    Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick… Boom

    Best Lead Female Actor:

    This category is the toughest, While I like the list I have, I think any of the women in my honorable mentions are deserving. If any of these 25 women were in talks to win the Oscar, I would have absolutely no problem with it. I think Jessica Chastain has had at least 6 Oscar worthy performances in her life, including her role as Tammy Faye, and I think Tammy Faye is the role she’s disappeared into the most. If Chastain doesn’t win for Tammy Faye, the woman’s bound to throw her hands in the air and say “What do I have to do?”.


    Mass wasn’t talked about nearly enough, so it is no surprise Martha Plimpton wasn’t in the discussion for an Oscar, but it’s a shame. I think Kidman killed it as Lucille Ball, and I think those saying otherwise are those who disliked her going into Being the Ricardo‘s.

    1. Jessica Chastain – The Eyes of Tammy Faye 
    2. Martha Plimpton – Mass 
    3. Lady Gaga – House of Gucci
    4. Kristen Stewart – Spencer
    5. Renate Reinsve – The Worst Person in the World 
    6. Melanie Laurent – Oxygen 
    7. Nicole Kidman – Being the Ricardo’s
    8. Jodi Comer – The Last Duel 
    9. Agathe Rouselle – Titane 
    10. Madeline Sims Fewer – Violation

    Frances McDonald – the tragedy of Macbeth, Alana Haim – Licorice Pizza, Andi Matichak – Son, Carey  Mulligan – the dig, Dakota Johnson – Our Friend, Emma stone. – Cruella, Jennifer Lawrence – Don’t Look up, Matilda Lutz – A Classic HORROR Story, Noomi Rapace – lamb, Rebecca Ferguson – Dune, Taylour Paige – Zola, Riley Keough – Zola, Emilia Jones – CODA, Gaia Wess – Meander, Jennifer Hudson – Respect, Rachel Zegler – West Side Story, Sandra Bullock – The Unforgivable

    Jessica Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye

    Best Female Actor – Supporting:

    Female Supporting Actor is a tough category, not a ton of screen eating performances (Aside from Kathryn Hunter) because I think if you look at the year it was a year of INCREDIBLY STRONG leading female performances, which is amazing.

    Ann Dowd takes my stop spot, as she would in almost anything she’s in, as she’s maybe the best working actor today.

    1. Ann Dowd – Mass
    2. Kathryn Hunter – the tragedy of Macbeth 
    3. Caitríona Balfe – Belfast
    4. Nina Arianda – being the Ricardo’s 
    5. Uzo Aduba – National Champions 
    6. Kirsten Dunst – The Power of the Dog
    7. Andrea Heick Gadeberg – Riders of Justice 
    8. Daniela Malchior – The Suicide Squad
    9. Harriet Sansom Harris – licorice Pizza 
    10. Cherry Jones – our friend 

    Camille Cotton – Stillwater, Alexis louder – Copshop, Emma Thompson – Cruella, Aunjanue Ellis – Being the Ricardo’s, Jayne Houdyshell – the humans, Judy Davis – Nitram, June Peterson – Sator, Rebecca Ferguson – Dune, Marlee Matlin – CODA, Cate Blanchett – Nightmare Alley, Rachel Weisz – Black Widow, Florence Pugh – Black Widow 

    Ann Dowd in Masss

    Best Male Actor – Supporting:

    Maybe Leto channeled a bit of Mario (the plumber), maybe his performance as Paolo Gucci was over the top, but he was the best part of that movie. He added the levity that the movie desperately needed and I loved it.

    1. Jared Leto – House of Gucci 
    2. Jason Isaac’s – Mass
    3. Willem Dafoe – Spider Man – No Way Home
    4. Al Pacino – House of Gucci
    5. Alex Wolff – Pig 
    6. Troy Kotsur – CODA
    7. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai – Shang chi 
    8. Robin de Jesus – Tick, Tick, Boom 
    9. Harry Melling – The Tragedy of Macbeth 
    10. Nikolaj lie kaas – Riders of Justice 

    Ben Affleck – The Last Duel, Bradley Cooper – licorice Pizza, Jason Segel – our friend, Mark Ryalance – Don’t Look Up, Owen Campbell – my heart can’t beat unless you tell it to, Ray Chase – licorice Pizza, Reid Miller – Joe bell, Stephen root – the tragedy of Macbeth, Toby Huss – Copshop, Stephen McKinley Hnederson – Dune, Oscar Isaac – Dune

    Best Comedic Performance of 2021

    Kristen Wiig  and Annie Mumolo – Barb And Star go to Vista Del Mar

    Best Ensemble Performance:

    1. Mass
    2. The Tragedy of Macbeth 
    3. Dune
    4. Licorice Pizza 
    5. The Suicide Squad 
    6. Spider-Man: No Way Home
    7. Tick, Tick… Boom
    8. West Side Story
    9. House of Gucci
    10. The Harder They Fall
    Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, Reed Birney, and Ann Dowd in Mass

    Best Young Actor

    1. Woody Norman – C’mon C’mon 
    2. Ezra Dewey – the djinn
    3. Luke David Blumm – Son 
    4. Madelyn Grace don’t breathe 2
    5. Millicent Simmonds – A Quiet Place Part 2
    6. Blood Red Sky – Elias 
    7. Archie Barnes – the dig 
    8. Fin Little – Those who wish me dead 
    9. Violet McGraw – Separation 
    10. Isabella rice – our friend 

    Tipper Seifert Cleveland – Cruella, Julian Hilliard – The Conjuring part 3, Noah Jupe – A Quiet Place part 2, Lilou siauvaud – still water, Gregory Diaz IV in the heights 

    Woody Norman in C,mon C,mon

    Best Newcomer/Breakout Performance:

    1. Rachel Zegler – West Side Story
    2. Alana Haim – licorice Pizza
    3. Caitríona Balfe – Belfast
    4. Cooper Hoffman – Licorice Pizza
    5. Taylour Paige – Zola
    6. Daniela Malchior – The Suicide Squad
    7. Troy Kotsur – CODA
    8. Suzanna son – red rocket
    9. Agathe Rouselle – Titane
    10. Renate Reinsve – The Worst Person in the World

    June Peterson – Sator, Madeline Sims Fewer – Violation, Vinnie Bennett – Fast 9, Gaia Weiss – Meander, Kathryn Hunter – The Tragedy of Macbeth

    Rachel Zegler in West Side Story

    The 2021 Scene Stealers

    1. King Shark – The Suicide Squad 
    2. Joan Ganz Cooney – Street Gang 
    3. Ada – Lamb 
    4. The 3 friends from Riders of Justice 
    5. Luisa – Encanto 
    6. The Donkeys – encanto 
    7. Ben Affleck – The Last Duel 
    8. Emilia Jones’ (Ruby Rossi) performance of Both Sides Now – Coda
    9. The Brain from Psycho Goreman 
    10. Raatma – V/H/S 94 
    11. Monchi – Mitchells vs. the Machines 
    12. Agent Paloma (Ana De Armas) – No time to die
    13. The Goat Fish – Luca 
    14. Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley) and Morris – Shang Chi 
    15. The Witches (Kathryn Hunter) – The Tragedy of Macbeth 
    16. Jeff (Robot) – Finch 
    17. Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) – Black Widow 
    18. Dude – Free Guy
    19. Kano – Mortal Kombat
    20. The Creepy Rabbit – Caveat
    King Shark from Suicide Squad

    Best Director

    1. Denis Villeneuve – Dune 
    2. Paul Thomas Anderson – Licorice Pizza 
    3. Lin-Manuel Miranda – Tick, Tick …. Boom 
    4. Ridley Scott – The Last Duel 
    5. Jonas Poher Rasmussen
    Denis Villeneuve in Dune

    Best Writing/Screenplay: 

    1. Riders of Justice
    2. Mass 
    3. Tick, Tick…. Boom 
    4. The Suicide Squad
    5. The Last Duel 
    6. Licorice Pizza 
    7. Mass
    8. Being the Ricardos 
    9. The Worst Person in the World
    10. Psycho Goreman
    Still From Riders of Justice

    Best Original Songs:

    1. We Don’t Talk about Bruno – Encanto 
    2. Surface Pressure – Encanto 
    3. That Funny Feeling – Bo Burnham’s Inside 
    4. All Eyes on Me – Bo Burnham’s Inside 
    5. Comedy – Bo Burnham’s Inside 
    6. The Anonymous Ones – Dear Evan Hansen 
    7. Welcome to the Internet – Bo Burnham’s Inside 
    8. Problematic – Bo Burnham’s Inside 
    9. No Time to Die – No Time to Die
    10. Haunted House – Ghostbusters: Afterlife
    Bruno (Camilo) in Encanto

    Best score

    1. Pig
    2. Dune
    3. The Suicide Squad 
    4. Shang chi 
    5. Nine days 
    6. The Dig 
    7. Encanto 
    8. The Power of the Dog 
    9. The Electrical Life of Louis Wain
    Still From Pig

    Best Action & Stunt Work:

    1. The Suicide Squad 
    2. No Time to Die
    3. Nobody 
    4. Spider-man: No Way Home 
    5. Shang-Chi
    The Suicide Squad Cast

    Best Romantic Relationship:

    Most movies focused on relationships were about failing relationships between terrible people this year, this was a hard list:

    1. Agustin and Julietta Madrigal – Encanto 
    2. Pepe and Felix Madrigal – Encanto
    3. Peter Parker and MJ – Spiderman: No Way Home
    4. Maria and Ingvar – Lamb
    5.  Edgar and Star – Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar

    Maybe …. Luca and Alberto – Luca

    Agustin and Julietta Madrigal

    Best Friendship (or other non-romantic relationship):

    1. Rob (Nicolas cage) and his pig – Pig
    2. Bloodsport and rat-catcher The Suicide Squad
    3. Karafku and misaki – drive my car 
    4. Otto, Lennart and Emmenthaler – Riders of Justice 
    5. Barb and Star – Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar
    Rob and his Pig in Pig

    Best Familial Relationship

    1. Peter Parker and Aunt May – Spider-Man: No Way Home
    2. Paul Atreides and Lady Jessica – Dune
    3. The Madrigal Family — excluding Abuela – Encanto 
    4. Laura and David – Son
    5. Dylan and Michael Jacobs – The Djin
    Aunt May and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) – Spider-man: No Way Home

    Best Voice Acting, Narration or Voice-over

    1. Stephanie Beatriz – Mirabel Madrigal – Encanto 
    2. Jessica Darrow – Luisa Madrigal – Encanto 
    3. Diane Guerrero – Isabela Madrigal – Encanto 
    4. Adassa – Dolores Madrigal – Encanto 
    5. Carolina Gaitan – Pepa Madrigal – Encanto 
    6. Jacob Tremblay – Luca – Luca 
    7. Jack Dylan Grazer – Alberto – Luca 
    8. Caleb Landry Jones – Jeff – Finch 
    9. Abbi Jacobson – Katie – Mitchells vs the Machines 
    10. Zach Galifianakis – Ron – Ron Goes Wrong
    Stephanie Beatriz and Mirabel from Encanto

    Best New Characters: 

    1. Yelena Belova – Black Widow
    2. King Shark – The Suicide Squad 
    3. Lady Jessica – Dune 
    4. Ratchatcher 2 – The Suicide Squad 
    5. Luisa, Dolores, Maribel Madrigal – Encanto 
    6. Alana Kane and Gary Valentine – Licorice Pizza 
    7. Ada – Lamb 
    8. Psycho Goreman – Psycho Goreman
    9. Barb and Star – Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar 
    10. Shang-Chi and Katy – Shang-Chi
    Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh)

    Best Returning Characters:

    1. Spider-man, Spider-man, and Spider-Man – Spider-man: No Way Home
    2. Harley Quinn – The Suicide Squad 
    3. Dr. Otto Octavius, Green Goblin – Spider-Man: No Way Home 
    4. The Abbot Family – A Quiet Place 2
    5. Trevor Slattery – Shang–Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    6. Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow 
    7. Godzilla and Kong – Godzilla vs. Kong 
    8. Wong – Shang-Chp and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Spider-Man: No Way Home 
    9. Cruella – Cruella Deville
    10. James Bond – No Time to Die
    The 3 Spider-Men from Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Underrated/Underappreciated Movies:

    1. V/H/S/94
    2. Mass
    3. Violation 
    4. Finch
    5. Moxie
    6. The Unforgivable 
    7. The Harder they fall 
    8. Son 
    9. Blood Red Sky 
    10. Cop Shop
    Still from V/H/S/94

    Best Villains/Monster: 

    1. Anthony lamb – cop shop 
    2. Baron Harkonnen – Dune
    3. Green Goblin – Spider-Man: No Way Home 
    4. Monsters from A Quiet Place 
    5. Dreykov – Black Widow 
    6. The Baroness – Cruella 
    7. Steppenwolf and Darkseid – Zack Snyder’s Justice League 
    8. Michael Myers – Halloween Kills 
    9. Mechagodzilla – Godzilla Vs. Kong 
    10. Monster from Antlers
    Anthony Lamb in Copshop

    LGBTQ+ Awards

    1. Flee
    2. Tick, Tick… Boom
    3. Eternals
    4. Mitchells vs. The Machines
    5. Luca
    6. Parallel Mothers
    7. Candyman 
    8. Jungle Cruise 
    9. Cruella
    10. Riders of Justice
    11. Cowboys 
    12. No Time to Die
    13. Halloween Kills
    14. We need to do something 
    Still from the film Flee

    Best Cinematography:

    1. Dune
    2. Pig
    3. The Tragedy of Macbeth
    4. Nightmare Alley 
    5. No Time to Die
    Dune Still from

    Best Editing:

    1. Tick, Tick… Boom 
    2. Dune
    3. Licorice Pizza
    4. The Tragedy of Macbeth 
    5. The Harder they Fall 
    From Tick, Tick…Boom!

    Best Makeup:

    1. The Eyes of Tammy Faye 
    2. The House of Gucci
    3. Cruella
    4. Dune
    5. Psycho Goreman
    Still from The Eyes of Tammy Faye

    Best Hair-styling:

    1. Spencer
    2. Cruella
    3. Being the Ricardos 
    4. House of Gucci
    5. Last Night in Soho
    Still From Spencer

    Best Costume Design

    1. Cruella
    2. The Last Duel
    3. Dune
    4. House of Gucci 
    5. Spencer 
    Still From Cruella

    Best Production Design :

    1. Nightmare Alley 
    2. The French Dispatch 
    3. House of Gucci 
    4. Dune 
    5. Spencer
    Still from Nightmare Alley

    Best Visual Effects:

    1. Dune
    2. The Suicide Squad 
    3. Spider-Man: No Way Home 
    4. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    5. Godzilla Vs. Kong
    Still From Dune

    Thank you for Reading

  • The Worst of 2021

    The Worst Movies of 2021

    2021 had at least 20 movies that I very much disliked (avoiding the use of the word hate). Here they are starting with the worst movie of the year at #1:

    1. The Resort
    2. Aftermath
    3. Breach
    4. Annette
    5. Demonic
    6. Great White
    7. Sator
    8. Stowaway
    9. The Block Island Sound
    10. The Unholy
    11. Red Notice
    12. Jakob’s Wife
    13. Spiral: From the Book of Saw
    14. Things Heard and Seen
    15. Separation
    16. Army of the Dead
    17. Willy’s Wonderland
    18. Reminiscence
    19. Bloodthirsty
    20. There’s Someone Inside Your House

    The Dreadfully Boring Award:


    Worst Acting of 2021

    This Might be the meanest award to give, but Bad Acting makes me sick, and I keep a list of performances that bother me throughout the year.

    • Aurora Lowe – Sator
    • Benjamin Flores Jr. – Fear Street: Part One
    • Britt Baron – aftermath
    • Chris diamantopoulos – red notice
    • Cody Davis – Antlers
    • Daniel Wu – Reminiscence
    • Ella Purnell – Army of the Dead
    • Gael Garcia Bernal – Old
    • Gavin Lewis – Old Henry 
    • Jordana Brewster – Fast 9
    • Kandyse McClure – Demonic 
    • Lebron James – space jam 2
    • Lia McHugh – Eternals
    • Michael Vlamis, Bianca haase, Michelle Randolph – the resort
    • Olumide Olorunfemi – Venom: Let there be Carnage
    • Vadhir Derbez  – The Seventh Day
    • Vicky Krieps – Old

    Most Disappointing Movies of 2021

    These movies had some expectations on them, whether they were sequels to beloved movies, had an interesting cast and crew, or the trailer made it look great, but unfortunately they fell way short.

    • Army of the Dead
    • Don’t Breath 2
    • Halloween Kills
    • Mortal Kombat
    • Old
    • Saint Maud
    • Space Jam 2
    • Spiral: From the Book of Saw
    • The French Dispatch
    • Venom: Let there be Carnage

  • The Book of Boba Fett review… So far

    Who else is watching #TheBookOfBobaFett?
    This show has some great stuff in it for Star Wars nerds like myself, but it’s often… Really bad.
    There was potential here for this show to be a Game of Thrones level epic, God knows Disney has the money, but instead, it often borders on cheesy, and I find myself making excuses for it.
    This could have been must-watch TV (aka The Mandalorian), instead, it just feels like filler, something only for Star Wars fans. And a lot of the show is filler, like a majority of the Marvel Disney+ shows, a lot of these things would work better more condensed, like a movie or smaller mini-series. It’s interesting to see the streets of Tatooine, but the fight scenes and chase scenes aren’t great enough to justify them.

    Temuera Morrison as Boba is better than I would have thought, seeing as his career hasn’t been exactly huge. Ming-Na Wen is the best part of the show and steals every scene she’s in. Wen is Disney royalty at this point, having voiced Mulan, been in a Marvel show, and now Star Wars.

    I’m having fun with the show, but only because I like the Star Wars world, and for Star Wars fans this is a decent time. Seeing the Aliens and Creatures we know or don’t have been great. Seeing the other side of Tusken Raiders has been interesting.
    Entering Spoiler-ish territory
    Seeing Wookies, Rancors, and Hutts is *chefs kiss* great, but at times feels forced or awkward.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the covid-19 pandemic has hurt production in a lot of major shows and movies. This pandemic has made filming more awkward and clunky and I can only Big productions like these have had their natural rhythm upset.
    We’re only 3 episodes in, and it could get better, but there are only 4 left, I’m hoping for it to pick up.