My Rating System from A+ to F

I get a lot of comments on how I rate movies, I might talk highly of a film, but once I grade it people feel as if my grade was too low, or vice versa. I figured I would put together a quick and easy guide on how my rating system works and estimated guess on what each grade means.


Quite simply, it’s the best a movie can get. Not many films are perfect, but an A+ means that film got pretty close. An A+ is pretty rare on THP


One or two slight issues kept this movie from being a near-perfect film.


A good to Great film, either the film had a few issues or it didn’t connect with me but was still good. an A- grade is a lot more common than A or A+

B to B+

Good, but with a few flaws. B to B+ is reserved for films that are far above average, but can’t really exceed into greatness. B level grade usually denotes a good movie, anything above that is just icing on a already sweet tasting cake.


Reserved for films that are still good, but only do a few interesting things with what they’re given.


Slightly above average. verging on good territory.


An Average or mediocre film, Not bad, but not that good either.


Just below average, and very close to verging onto bad.


A bad movie, with a few redeeming qualities


Bad, but not completely horrible.


There were maybe 1 or 2 things keeping this moving from verging on completely terrible.


The worst of the worst, terrible and nearly unwatchable.

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