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About The Hollywood Persona:

The Hollywood Persona is run solely by myself, Mitch Burns, out of London, Ontario, Canada. The site started as a blog in 2010, at hollywoodpersona.blogspot.ca, in 2014 I acquired this site and transferred here.

About Mitch

I started to gain a passion for film as early as 2004/05, I’d always been intrigued by film but never realized the discussion and introspective thought there was to be had. I began to see film as an art, it all really began with Peter Jackson’s 2005 version of “King Kong”. Silly I know, but I remember sitting in the theatre with a group of friends, and they wouldn’t shut up; so I moved seats. I went to sit by myself, I was intrigued by the film itself, not because it’s a great movie, but because for the first time I was seeing the art, and the work involved in a film. I was seeing “King Kong”s flaws, the issues with the film, the parts of the movie that worked, and were good. I started to see movies in a different light. It was an interesting experience, all because of a “King Kong” Remake.

I began seeking films out more and more, writing little reviews up at the age of 15. I even remember making a best of the year list at 15, and I think “The 40-Year-old Virgin” was #1.
It’s amazing to me to see how much my tastes have changed, and how far I’ve come. I now try and see over 100 films a year, including all of the Awards contenders. I reside in London, Ontario, Canada, with my wife, Son and Dog, Bugsy

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You can get in touch with Mitch by email at mitchburns_82@hotmail.com

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