The Hollywood Persona Box Office Draft: April-August 2015

The Hollywood Persona Box Office Draft:

April-August 2015

With Mitch & Shawn

Mitch and Shawn tried their hands at their first ever Box Office draft! Right below is a look at how the boys are did! The guys picked their movies on Podcast Episode 6, which you can listen to here. Mitch is the winner, by a landslide, and that means he gets to pick a movie for Shawn to watch, and Shawn owes Mitch a 6 pack of beer. The movie Mitch picks for Shawn is yet to be determined. The final numbers are below:

Mitch’s Picks: (Click photo to enlarge)

2015-08-23 22_44_18-Search

Mitch’s Studio profit: $3,633,748,825

 Shawn’s Picks: (Click photo to enlarge)


Shawn’s Studio Profit: -$2,509,157,043


Won by:

stay tuned for their next Box office draft.


For first weekend in April (3rd-5th) to the last weekend in August (28th-30th)

  • Each player is their own studio and will make up a list of movies they hope to draft; they won’t get all of these movies assuming the other person is trying to pick the same ones. A little research goes a long way, knowing the budget, the target audience of the movie and what similar movies have done budget wise in the past and more will help you pick your list, and make you a profitable studio.
  • Make a list of 15 to 20 movies you hope to pick; you’ll need to have more than 10 in case the other person chooses one you had in your top ten.
  • Budget: The budget will be found through sites like and, the budget is then turned into 2 and a half times the reported budget. So a 10 million dollar budget is actually a 25 million dollar budget. Films only report on the cost to make a movie, and not advertising/marketing costs, press junkets, paying actors beyond the film for interviews, etc. This 2 ½ times the budget takes into account these extra costs.
  • Bomb Pick: Each player gives the other person a bomb pick, a movie being released in the allotted time period that they think will do poorly at the box office and could hurt the other person’s studio.
  • Alternative Pick: Seeing as we are choosing movies ahead of time, and schedules change quite often, movies may be pushed to different months or even years. Each studio picks an alternative pick in case one of their films drops out or is pushed.
  • Who Goes first?: Flipping a coin! At a pre-determined time, or even over the podcast, the players will flip a coin to see who goes first. Whoever goes first gets to pick the first film, the person who goes second though gets to pick the first bomb pick.
  • Who wins?: Whichever players studio makes more money at the end of the allotted time period than the other players studio, with 2 ½ x’s the budget subtracted, wins. The players must decide on air what the prize is.
  • What does the winner win?: A six pack of beer bought by the loser, and the winner gets to pick a movie for the loser to watch and review on the podcast!
  • *The films in August will probably continue to make money well into September, unless it is still very close, it will probably be pretty obvious who is going to win by the end of August. We’ll make a judgement call if we want to wait a few weeks into September or not.

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