The Most Disappointing Films of 2015

Some of the following movies are bad, but most didn’t meet expectations or should have been better due to factors such as a good cast, big budget, great directors or writers, and many other reasons.
A disappointing movie is worse than a bad movie though, A lot of times you have a pretty good idea that a movie is going to be bad, or at least, not great. Below are some movies that I was desperately holding on hope for.

Before we dive in though here are some (un)honorable mentions: The Wedding Ringer, The Water Diviner, Maggie,Creep, Ted 2, The Lazarus Effect, Knock Knock, Focus, The Danish Girl, Trumbo, Crimson Peak, Concussion, When Marnie was There, The Intern and Meadowland. 

There were a good amount of movies that I had high hopes for last year… but here are the top ten, starting with 10 and going to #1.


10. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Why I anticipated it:

In 2015 I realized that my scared white ass hadn’t seen a single Paranormal Activity film yet, so I sat down and watch the first five films in the span of a few days and even wrote about my thoughts on the series (Read Here). Well the series had its up and downs, I enjoyed the overall style and the story-line they had created was interesting, and I was in. When I heard the 6th installment was to be the final installment my hopes for an interesting and scary finale that answered all our burning questions were high.

Why it didn’t live up: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has to be one of the worst conclusions to a series ever. Going in directions that didn’t pertain to the originals very well at all, introducing new and irritating characters, not including barely any references or characters that had come before it, and being downright boring. It was not scary in the least, and only succeeded in pissing me off and wasting my time.

My Grade: F

9. Jupiter Ascending

Why I anticipated it: You’re lying if you say you weren’t excited to see what the Wachowski’s would follow 2012’s Cloud Atlas with. We were excited to see Eddie Redmayne again, hot off his Oscar win for The Theory of EverythingBesides Redmayne, the Wachowski’s also seemed to net a good cast for this including Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean and more, and the trailers looked visually stunning.

Why it didn’t live up:The Wachowski’s didn’t completely fail, I did enjoy myself during Jupiter Ascending, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a mess. The ending is a huge dissapointment, Kunis’ character needs to be saved far too many times by a man, and the movie is essentially full of countdowns.
On top of that, there is enough story here for a mini-series, the span of time becomes confusing,  relationships develop oddly. There wasn’t enough time to flesh out a proper story or real characters.I left wanted something more and different.

My Grade: C-

8. Sinister 2

Why I anticipated it:Purely on the fact that I loved the original Sinister film, one of the scariest films of the last decade.

Why it didn’t live up: The only thing about Sinister 2 that is scary are the home videos

My Grade:D+

7. Terminator Genisys

Why I anticipated it: Another Terminator film with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role he originated, being toted as a film that might help us forget Terminator: Salvation.

Why it didn’t live up:A loud, nonsensical, over-dramatic, poorly paced, with Emilia Clarke completely hamming up her role as Sarah Connor. The best thing about the film was Arnold and a half decent opening.

My Grade: D

6. The Good Dinosaur

Why I anticipated it: Pixar + Dinosaurs = a perfect match…. or it should.

Why it didn’t live up: Excluding some beautiful imagery, the script seems recycled from better and more engaging Disney films.

My Grade:C+

5. Self/Less

Why I anticipated it: Didn’t we all? A serious and interesting body switching movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingley, directed by Tarsem Singh.

Why it didn’t live up: Quickly turns into a very mediocre action movie instead of being something interesting, in fact, it ends up being quite bad and even boring.

My Grade:D+

4. Ant-Man

Why I anticipated it: The trailer made it look as if some of Edgar Wrights script was still in there, and The actors involved all seemed game for something incredible.

Why it didn’t live up: Not a bad movie, but Edgar Wright’s script clearly didn’t make it through to much of the film, except for maybe the terrific scenes involving Michael Pena. Marvel clearly decided they would rather keep the traditional cookie cutter film we’re used to, and that we will one day tire of, if you’re not like me and already have.

My Grade: C+

3. Chappie

Why I anticipated it: The trailers looked bad, but last years Edge of Tomorrow suffered from terrible marketing and turned out to be one of my favorite films of 2014. I also loved District 9, detested Elysium, but had hopes we would get the District 9 Neil Blomkamp back.

Why it didn’t live up: Irritating and loud, with annoying, underdeveloped characters and Bad dialogue. Where the movie succeeds is its softer sweeter moments, and the development of Chappie as a character is terrific. The action on the other hand turns the movie into an over the top, B movie, where the characters and their motivations are silly and unrealistic.

My Grade:C-

2. While we’re Young

Why I anticipated it: Noah Baumbach’s writing is terrific.

Why it didn’t live up: unfunny, depressing, boring, with unlikeable and unrealistic characters

My Grade: C

1.  Joy

Why I anticipated it: It’s obvious why I anticipated Joy, a film by David O. Russel with a terrific cast, lead by Jennifer Lawrence.

Why it didn’t live up: Russel seemed to throw a script together and hope it would bring him the same acclaim he’s been recieving. Joy is a jumbled mess, it’s full of so many ideas and thoughts, that you can’t grasp on to anything. The script is FILLED with cliches, it’s often exaggerated, Bradley Coopers character is unbelievable. It wants to tell a story about a strong female character, and we want to see one, but it doesn’t have an interesting story nor characters.

My Grade:C-


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