The Hollywood Persona has a Podcast! We couldn’t be more excited about it, and while we don’t have many episodes yet, there are lots coming. The Hollywood Persona Podcast with Mitch and Clayton can be taken in in a lot of ways, but for your convenience, we’ll show you the best ways to listen:

1. On the site: Each new podcast will be under the new podcast header at the top, just click the “Podcast” header, go to the newest podcast, and click the play button on the media player to listen. Easy!

2. on your iPhone: Apple makes it pretty easy to listen to podcasts, most iPhones come with a podcast app already installed. You should just be able to go to the podcast app, find the magnifying glass/search button, search “The Hollywood Persona” and the podcast should show up. You can hit subscribe to subscribe to our podcast, it really helps show your a fan. From the app you can download the episodes and listen to them on the go!

3. On your Android: I personally use an app called ‘Podcast addict’, the best app I’ve found for playing, subscribing and downloading podcasts. Just go to the Google Play store, search for Podcast addict and download it. Then, go to the app, hit the plus sign in the corner, go to the search engine/Magnifying glass, and search for ‘The Hollywood Persona’. Once you locate the podcast you can subscribe and download the podcast!

4. On your computer: If you want to listen to the app on your computer, but don’t want to stream it through the site, it’s pretty easy if you have iTunes. Go to the iTunes store, and in the top right search bar, search for ‘The Hollywood Persona’ and hit enter. Our podcast should be one of the first ones. If you do make it to iTunes, subscribe and download, it really helps us! You could also leave a review, which helps as well!

5. Other apps: There are many other apps on iphone, android and other phones for listening to podcasts. Just search ‘Podcast’ in your app store, and a few different apps will pop up. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on how well these apps work, or how to use them.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us make the podcast a success, we’re super excited to bring this to you. If you run into any issues, just send me a tweet! I’ll be glad to help!

Find Mitch on Twitter @mitchydaily

Find Clayton on Twitter @clayton488

Follow the offical The Hollywood Persona Twitter page @THPersona

Like The Hollywood Persona on Facebook

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