Predicting the Oscar Nominations

Thursday morning, January 16th, 8:30 AM EST (5:30 AM PST), the suspense is over. The Academy Awards will be announcing the nominations, in anticipation of their ceremony, on March 2nd. 
I’ve never predicted the nominations before, only the winners, but I feel as if I have a good idea where the nominations will fall when Chris Hemsworth and Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs announce the nominations. 
My nominations will be in order, the first spot I predict will be the best bet, then 2, 3, 4 etc. will get less and less positive. 
Best Picture Nominees: 
1. 12 Years a Slave
2. Gravity
3. American Hustle
4. Her
5. Captain Phillips
6. Wolf of Wall Street
7. Nebraska
8. Dallas Buyers Club
Predicting no more than 8 nominees, but if their were…
9. Inside Llewyn Davis
10. Saving Mr. Banks
Could Be: Blue Jasmine, Philomena, Fruitvale Station
The Producers Guild Awards and the Writers Guild awards both snubbed Inside Llewyn Davis, so many critics think that the same will happen with the Oscars. I have a hard time thinking that they would snub such a good film from the Coens, but all signs seem to point towards it happening. Many assume that Wolf of Wall Street won’t make the cut, but I can hardly see that happening, even with all the controversy surrounding the movie. 
Best Director:
1. Alfonso Cuaron – “Gravity”
2. Steve McQueen – “12 Years a Slave”
3. David O. Russell – “American Hustle” 
4. Paul Greengrass – “Captain Phillips” 
5. Martin Scorsese – “Wolf of Wall Street” 
Could Be: Alexander Payne “Nebraska”, Spike Jonze “Her” 
I could see this category being exactly as predicted, the most unsure person here is Scorsese, but he’s got a decent chance. 
Best Actor:
1. Chiwetel Ejiofor – “12 Years a Slave” 
2. Leonardo DiCaprio – “Wolf of Wall Street” 
3. Matthew McConaughey – “Dallas Buyers Club” 
4. Tom Hanks – “Captain Phillips” 
5. Bruce Dern – “Nebraska” 
Could Be: Robert Redford “All is Lost”, Christian Bale “American Hustle” Oscar Isaac “Inside Llewyn Davis”, Michael B. Jordan – “Fruitvale” 
This is the hardest category to predict, the academy could completely boycott Wolf of Wall Street and not give DiCaprio a nomination. They could also switch up Bruce Dern and Robert Redford, but I don’t think they can do both. I think Christian Bale should be up their also, but I wouldn’t know where to put him… maybe in Hanks’ spot? 
Best Actress: 
1. Cate Blanchett – “Blue Jasmine”
2. Sandra Bullock – “Gravity”
3. Amy Adams – “American Hustle”
4. Judi Dench – “Philomena”
5. Emma Thompson – “Saving Mr. Banks”
Could Be: Meryl Streep “August: Osage County”, Julia Louis-Dreyfus “Enough Said” 
That 5th spot is a battle between Streep and Thompson, I hope it goes to Thompson, therefore I’m predicting Thompson will get it. I’m probably wrong. 
Best Supporting Actor: 
1. Jared Leto – “Dallas Buyers Club”
2. Michael Fassbender – “12 Years a Slave” 
3. Barkhad Abdi – “Captain Phillips”
4. Bradley Cooper – “American Hustle” 
5. James Gandolfini – “Enough Said” 
Could Be: Daniel Bruhl – “Rush”, Jonah Hill – “Wolf of Wall Street” 
The only one I don’t like up there is Cooper, I don’t think he’s really all that deserving, especially against Bruhl in Rush, who did a fantastic job. Gandolfini is in that five spot because I can’t think of anyone else, and the big guy deserves it. 
Best Supporting Actress: 
1. Lupita Nyong’o – “12 Years a Slave” 
2. Jennifer Lawrence – “American Hustle” 
3. June Squibb – “Nebraska”
4. Julia Roberts – “August: Osage County” 
5. Oprah Winfrey – “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” 
Could be: Sally Hawkins – “Blue Jasmine”, Octavia Spencer – “Fruitvale Station” 
Honestly, Oprah deserves a nomination, more than Julia Roberts. Seriously. 
Best Animated Feature Film: 
1. Frozen 
2. The Croods 
3. Monsters University 
4. Despicable Me 2
5. The Wind Rises
Could Be: Turbo
I am a big fan of the underrated Turbo, and not a big fan of The Croods and Despicable me 2, but I can only predict, I can’t vote.

Thanks for Reading,

Mitch Burns, The Hollywood Persona

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