The Film Vault (Podcast)
Reviewed by Mitchell Burns
Produced by: Logan Moy                                                 Starring: Bryan Bishop and Anderson Cowan
The Film Vault is a podcast; I had never listened to a podcast until the summer of 2013. I was on iTunes one day and I was listening to some music, I saw the section for podcasts and thought I would check them out. I immediately downloaded a couple episodes from the biggest podcasts around. After listening to a bunch, it was The Film Vault that stuck out. 
The Film Vault is hosted by Bryan Bishop and Anderson Cowan, both of whom have histories with shows such as Love Line and The Adam Corrolla show. I have no clue what those even are but I thought I would give a little of their history. The show’s producer is Logan Moy.
Bryan Bishop, or Bald Bryan, is honestly a sweet guy, even though he may be a tad racist at times. He has had a bout with cancer, he loves movies and I’m fairly certain that starting The Film Vault was his idea. His taste in movies is pretty standard, I wouldn’t classify him as a film snob but I think Anderson is slowly making him into one. Bryan likes the Transformers movies, and he gets a lot of flak for that (rightfully so). Overall though, most people will agree with Bryan’s, occasionally long winded, thoughts on movies and can take his recommendations whole heartedly. 
Anderson Cowan is hilarious, as is Bryan. He has stated that when he started working on TFV he wasn’t 100% serious about it, but you could never tell now! Anderson can be loud, and he swears a lot, but he’s really a great guy. Anderson loves his dog Stanley (named after Stanley Kubrick), he volunteers at a camp for kids with cancer each year and he isn’t ashamed to cry over a movie. Anderson could be classified as a film snob; he enjoys French cinema and other foreign films that some people wouldn’t dream of seeing. I have watched a good handful of movies he has recommended and loved them. 
The show’s producer, Logan, who they often call the Kid, is an added bonus to the show. Logan has a better insight to my generation and his opinions are always short, sweet, to the point and truthful. Logan occasionally acts as the mother hen to these two crazy podcasters. 
I would have never thought to review a podcast but one day I was listening to The Film Vault, my favorite podcast, and Bryan asked Logan to read another person’s review of TFV. Bill was the guy’s name and his review of the show was less than favourable, but his points were so off and ridiculous I had to write my own review.
I often listen to The Film Vault at work with my head phones in. Almost all of my coworkers know what I’m listening to because I’m trying to stifle my laughter, nodding my head in agreement or writing down a movie Anderson recommended. My coworkers will look at me and just say “Podcast” and I just nod, and laugh away. 
The shows format is really interesting, the two hosts will dive into what they call “flickfessions” where they confess 3 flicks they’ve seen that week. Then, they each run down a “top 5” list. The subject of the list is predetermined, each host is given about a week to research and prepare and then they come into the studio and each starts from #5 and goes to #1. These lists could be anywhere from “top 5 gay characters” to “top 5 shoot outs”. It’s a lot of fun. 
They also do a bit of gambling at the end where they gamble on a movies rotten tomato score, the loser has to watch a movie of the winners choosing. 
TFV wouldn’t be the same without the hosts charisma, humor and awesome back and forth. Bryan and Anderson are so incredibly funny I very, very often laugh out loud. 
The funniest moments for me are when Bryan hasn’t seen a classic movie that Anderson likes and Anderson literally rages. Or when they bring up someone the other person obviously knows, like Logan, and the other person says “Who’s Logan?” Or when Bryan, who’s writing a book about his own life, suggests that his book might offend people he might know. 
But the best part about the show is the wonderful insight into the world of film. The host’s film knowledge is extensive and I literally learn more and more from them each episode. It’s great to find people who are more passionate about film than I am. 
If I had to make one complaint? I wish there was a way to download older episodes of TFV. I’ve downloaded and listened to every episode of the 50+ episodes that are on iTunes. If you go to the TFV website there is a link to download them but it won’t let me download them. You can listen to them from the site but I’m barely sitting in front of the computer for that long. 
Oh well, there is enough on iTunes for any new listener and they are churning out new episodes each week. The dedication Bryan, Anderson and Logan have is amazing, and I can’t thank them enough for the hours and hours of enjoyment they have given me! 
My Grade: A+


Thanks for Reading,

Mitch Burns, The Hollywood Persona 
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