Man of Steel
Reviewed by Mitchell Burns

Directed by: Zack Snyder   Starring: Henry Cavill                           Also Starring: Ayelet Zurer
                                                             Michael Shannon                                           Kevin Costner
                                                             Amy Adams                                                    Christopher Meloni
                                                             Diane Lane                                                    Laurence Fishburne
                                                             Russel Crowe                                                 Richard Schiff
Enjoy my Spoiler Free review of Man of Steel. 
With the Success and end of the Dark Knight franchise I was thrilled that Zack Snyder was bringing back Superman. Superman, the beloved superhero created in 1933, placed #1 on IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Heroes, even at the height of Batman’s popularity. Most people see the 2006 Superman Returns as a failure, so a reboot that takes us back to the beginning of Superman (or Kal-El), was what many of us wanted. 
Man of Steel opens on Krypton, Scientests Jor-El (Russel Crowe) and wife Lara (Ayelet Zurer) are expecting the birth of Kal-el (Superman). The two scientists have also predicted the destruction of their planet Krypton, so they take action and send their newly born son on a ship to another planet, earth. 
Jor-El’s ship lands in a small town in Kansas named Smallville, he’s found by Martha (Diane Lane) and

Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), who adopt him, and name him Clark. 

Clark Kent grows up, and with the help of his parents, he learns how to harness his amazing abilities. Once he’s older he lives a drifter like lifestyle, working on fishing boats and staying hidden, using different names and saving people in secrecy. 
General Zod (Michael Shannon), who was banished from Krypton shortly before it was destroyed, finds his way to earth in search of Jor-El. It isn’t until Zod shows up that Clark must put on his suit and cape and protect his new home. 
Man of Steel is beautiful, it’s wonderful to look at. Zack Snyder has a style that is perfect for Krypton and the entire Superman world in general. The first 15 minutes on Krpyton is a wonderful opener, it’s beautifully crafted. Russel Crowe and Isreal’s Ayelet Zurrer shine as Superman’s parents. A whole movie set in Krypton would have been wonderful. This set up in Man of Steel is leagues ahead of the opening sequence in this summers Pacific Rim.
Once on earth the movie halts it’s linear storytelling. We jump ahead to a Clark Kent in his early 30’s and the movie starts using Lost-esque flashbacks, but in a messier fashion. We get flashbacks of Clark saving kids in a bus, Pa Kent telling Clark he’s an alien, and more.
I’m not a Superman expert, but I know who Lois Lane is, I know about the daily Planet and that Clark Kent eventually gets a job as a reporter there. The way Man of Steel handles all of this and more doesn’t seem right. I would have to talk to a Superman expert but it seems quite different, and I’m not sure I liked it. I will talk about this more in spoilers.
Amy Adams does a great Lois Lane, her character is quite interesting. It seems that Zack Snyder had help from Man of Steels writer, David S. Goyer, in writing his female roles.
They may might have successfully written women characters, but he doesn’t know how to stay away from sloppy, sloppy dialogue. Some of the lines spoken in Man of Steel made me laugh, unintentionally. 
Man of Steel has a lot of build up, the action doesn’t really start until General Zod (Michael Shannon) shows up, and it’s pretty exciting… at first. Michael Shannon does a decent General Zod, I’m quite the fan of Michael Shannon but his General Zod does seem quite tamer than what I was expecting from Shannon. Don’t get me wrong, Shannon does a good job, just not a great job. Benedict Cumberbatch still wins as best summer villain. 
When Zod and Superman go head to head the first time, it’s pretty spectacular. Watching the two of these super powered aliens fight is intense, but ultimately it gets repetitive and borders on blockbuster stupidity. There’s a lot more to say about their fighting, but I’m going to save this for spoilers. 
Henry Cavill is a great superman. There was one moment in particular, when Superman’s flying through the air, and the cameras do a close up on his face. At that moment he Henry Cavill resembled Christopher Reeve immensely. 
At many times Man of Steel verges on being epic but never gets to that point. Zack Snyder seems almost inept to take this movie to the next level, ruining climactic and epic moments with silly scenes or
sloppy dialogue. 
For example, my most detested scene in this whole movie was when Clark Kent puts on the suit for the first time. Hans Zimmers awesome score is playing, Clark Kent is taking his first flight as superman, we revel at the sight. Almost as soon as the greatness of it all begins, it ends. The scene comes to a screeching halt and superman is shoved into a tiny, white walled room with handcuffs on, for a scene that’s almost unnecessary. It might seem like I’m nitpicking but there are far to many scenes like this. 
The final action sequences are ultimately repetitive, so much so that the finale verges on becoming boring. I’ll talk about this more in spoilers, but the destruction in Man of Steel is massive, and definitely takes away from the movie. 
Before I jump into spoilers, I’ll wrap up with my final thoughts and grade. 
Man of Steel is plagued by bad dialogue, silliness, repetitive action and unoriginal blockbuster moments but the movie is well acted, so goddamn beautiful, and entertaining enough to watch that I give it a passing grade of B-. Most movie goers won’t mind or even notice it’s flaws and will probably really enjoy Man of Steel. Never the less, it’s just nice to see Superman back on the big screen.

Movies Grade: B-

Spoiler Section Below:
Spoiler Section Below:
Spoiler Section Below:
Spoiler Section Below:

The Destruction in Man of Steel is insane! The Internet is in an uproar at how much destruction and havoc is wreaked upon Metropolis. Once Zod has been vanquished, Superman and Lois Lane kiss, standing in what looks like a post-apocalyptic world. 
Below is an estimate of the cost and amount of destruction done to Metropolis, this comes from 
Many are speculating that the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel, which is going to be Batman Vs. Superman, will have Batman coming to Metropolis to make Superman pay for the damage he helped cause. 
If this is how the sequel takes place, and Zack Snyder had this planned all along, I may be able to forgive him for the amount of destruction that took place in Man of Steel. The destruction of Metropolis almost takes away Superman’s credibility as a superhero. I feel like there was a better way to take down General Zod, a way to take him down without destroying a city. 
Man of Steel ends with Clark Kent taking a job as a reporter at The Daily Planet… which was DESTROYED in the battle! How was it rebuilt so quickly? or is this a temporary building?
I don’t think Man of Steel takes responsibility for the destruction caused in the movie and it’s a huge plot hole. 
On another note, in Man of Steel Lois Lane finds out Clark Kent is Superman fairly quickly, which I thought was quite different from the comics. I’m assuming this is how Man of Steel decided to deal with the fact that Superman’s disguise is basically just a pair of thick framed glasses.

Thanks for Reading,
Mitch Burns, The Hollywood Persona.

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