Anyone who knows me has to know that this is hard for me, if you thought picking my favorite Disney characters was hard,well… I love The Muppets 10x more than Disney!
I didn’t include The Muppet in my Favorite Disney characters list because I will always see them as “Jim Henson’s” Muppets, not “Disney’s” Muppets. I think calling them Disney’s Muppets is quite ridiculous because they aren’t Disney’s, Disney didn’t create them, they just own them now.
I’m not mad that Disney owns The Muppets because I think it’s the best way for something to be done with The Muppets. Thanks to Disney, The Muppets have new movies, TV specials, Toys, plush toys and more! As a loyal Muppet fan I have to give thanks to Disney for what they have done for us.
I LOVE the Muppets, I loved them as a child, ever since my mother rented Muppets Treasure Island for me when I was sick one time. This lost will be difficult because I like every single Muppet, but here we go:

Here are my rules for this list:
1. Pick 10 Muppets, no more, no less
2. No ties (if I let there be ties then there would be 20 or more in this list)
3. No Sesame Street character, Fraggles, or other Jim Henson creations, just Muppets

10. Camilla the Chicken

Oh baby, still my beating heart, she may be a chicken but she’s a babe! or at least Gonzo thinks so! I love this plucky little chicken, she’s the affection of Gonzo’s heart and the leader of the chickens, and she’s got a great voice!

9. Sweetums

You might look at him and think his name doesn’t suit his face but his personality suits his name, he’s a good guy that unfortunately has a face only Muppet lovers could love!

8. Robin the Frog

Look at him! He’s cuter than a baby frog, oh wait…
Kermit’s nephew is sweet, and most of the time he feels unnoticed because of his small size but he always has a smile on his face. Listen to him sing AA Milne’s “halfway Down the Stairs” and it might melt your heart.

7. Swedish Chef

He’s one of the funniest Muppets in the whole gang and you can’t understand a word he says! You gotta love this guy! borgin borkin sheeken dogen!
6. Fozzie Bear
Yea, his jokes usually aren’t funny but that’s what makes him funny! He sweet, endearing and you kinda just wanna hug him! Am I right? Wokka Wokka Wokka! 

5. Gonzo (The Great)

Gonzo, sometimes referred to as Gonzo the Great, is an odd looking creature, sometimes referred to as a Whatever (or an Alien as in Muppets From Space) but he’s so lovable and extremely entertaining.

4. Sam the Eagle 

He’s never happy, he’s got a uni brow and he’s extremely patriotic but i think all of that makes him likable and unique!

3. Beaker

Just this picture alone makes me laugh^!! He’s hilarious, and like The Swedish chef he’s hilarious with out ever uttering an audible word in his entire Muppet career! He’s probably the most lovable of the Muppets and a favorite among all!
2. Rowlf the Dog
Yepp, this guy was almost number one, if I allowed myself to have ties he would tie in first place. Rowlf is the piano playing, lovable, jokester canine that always makes me laugh. If the Muppets weren’t rated PG he would definitely be a drinker, chain smoker and curser, I can just tell. He has some of the best quotes and funniest jokes, most of his jokes I never understood as a child, but they’re witty and make me laugh still today!

And my number one favorite Muppet is….

It’s easy…. I’m sure you can guess…

1. Kermit the Frog

There he is, the most famous of all The Muppets! This is rare for me, I usually don’t like the main character but he is, with out a doubt, the most likable Muppet of all time, if not the most likable Movie/TV character of all time. It ain’t easy being green? I don’t believe it, sounds like a great life! Love ya Kermit!

Runners Up: (alphabetical order)

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Peppe the Prawn
Rizzo the Rat
Statler and Waldorf
Uncle Deadly

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