Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for! My favorite Disney characters! I love Disney, I grew up with it, I think my parents got us every Disney movie that came out until my brother and I were 14 or 15. One of the first Disney movies I ever saw was actually the first Disney movie ever made, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but it is a solid movie. 
My brother and I were enthralled with Disney movies after that, we would watch The Fox and The Hound whenever our one friend would come over, we enjoyed Aladdin together (including the sequels) and Toy Story was always a huge favorite. Disney, and Pixar, have had a huge impact on my life and I think I’ve seen most of the movies. 
The rules for this list go as follows:
1.Pixar characters are included
2. No live action Disney characters (Sorry Jack Sparrow) 
3. No Muppets, Disney may own the Muppets now (and I’m not angry about that) but if I included Muppets then the whole list would be Muppets.
4. No negative feed back allowed, these are my favorites and I will say my reasons why, everyone has their       own favorite Disney characters for their own reasons. 
5. 20 characters, no ties
20. Thumper (From “Bambi”)
Why?: Probably the cutest Disney character ever drawn 
19. Heimlich (From “A Bugs Life”)
Why? Hilarious jokes, funny accent and he makes an awesome butterfly
18. Tantor (From “Tarzan”)
Why? Pure hilarious, a loyal friend to Tarzan and he’s freaking adorable in baby form

17. Hades (From Hercules)
Why? Positively evil, crazy cool and funny. Voiced perfectly by James Woods. 

16. Zazu (From “The Lion King”)
Why? Rowan Atkinson brings to life Mufasa’s strict, stern and funny right hand man. A beautiful moment comes when he finally bows to Simba as the new king of Pride Rock 

15. The Genie (From “Aladdin”)
Why? One of the funniest Disney characters ever thanks to Robin Williams 

14. Dory (From Finding Nemo)
Why? Cute but never annoying, much like Ellen Degeneres herself. Finding Nemo wouldn’t have been nearly as great without this blue little munchkin. “Just Keep Swimming”

13. Mufasa (From “The Lion King”)
Why? Majestic, powerful and a father figure for us all
12. Yzma (From “The Emperors New Groove”)
Why? Okay, Kronk steals the show, but Yzma is deliciously evil and funny, helping make Kronk even funnier. The late Eartha Kitt made Yzma one of the best voiced characters I have ever heard.  

11. Hamm (From “Toy Story 1, 2 & 3”)
Why? Yes, this talking and walking piggy bank is a favorite of mine, he’s funny, responsible and cool.

10. Pumba (From “The Lion King”)
Why? It’s Pumba! I don’t need a damn reason, look at him? Hakuna Matata 🙂 
9. Bagheera (From “The Jungle Book”)
Why? Ah, Bagheer, with a cool name, he’s the protective father type who watches over Mowgli, protects him from Shere Khan and knocks sense into Baloo occasionally, all while having a little fun. 
8. Rajah (From “Aladdin”)
Why? I might have an obsession with big cats but Rajah was Jasmine’s rock, his facial expressions were the best in every scene and he made every kid want a pet tiger.
7. Kronk (From “The Emperors New Groove”)\
Why? Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. Dumb but extremely lovable, he’s an evil henchman with a conscious. 
6. Kevin (From “Up”)
Why? Funny without ever speaking a word, the Disney animators put a lot of work into this character, giving him some of the most realistic movements I’ve ever seen. 
5. Slinky Dog (From “Toy Story 1, 2 & 3”)
Why? Cute, but he doesn’t know it, he’s the smart one of the toys and he has some of the best scenes, he’s faithful like all dogs and right there by Woody’s side when he’s needed. 
4. Sarabi (From “The Lion King”)
Why? There’s something about Sarabi that I’ve loved since I was a child, she’s tough, powerful and stoic even in the face of pure danger, and she loves her son.
3. Copper (From “The Fox & The Hound”)
2. Todd (From “The Fox & The Hound”)
Why? Nothing gets cuter than Todd and Copper, and no friendship quite as strong as these two, a friendship that truly shows you where loyalties lie, and no matter the difference friendship can prevail 
And my number one favorite Disney character is…

1. Eeyore (From “Winnie The Pooh”)
Why? There is no character in all of Disney’s wide variety of character quite like Eeyore, he’s lovable but he doesn’t think so, he’s downtrodden but happy with even the slightest bit of friendship and he’s realistic with his worries. He can be funny without actually trying, he’s just a Donkey trying to live his life with a nail in his ass to hold his precious tail and purple bow on. I love Eeyore. 
Runners up (in alphabetical order) – 
Belle (From Beauty and The Beast)
Chip (From The Beauty and the Beast) 
Cruella D. Ville (From 101 Dalmatians) 
Eema (From Dinosaur) 
Gopher (From Winnie The Pooh)
Iago (From Aladdin) 
Kuzko (From The Emperors New Groove) 
Mike (From Monsters inc.)
Owl (from Winnie The Pooh) 
Piglet (From Winnie The Pooh) 
Pluto (From Mickey Mouse) 
Pooh Bear (From Winnie The Pooh) 
Rabbit (From Winnie The Pooh) 
Rex (From Toy Story)
Scar (From The Lion King) 
Timon (From The Lion King)
Wall-E (From Wall-E) 
Woody (From toy Story) 

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