The So called Alien Prequel has this Alien fan jumping for joy, read my Spoiler free review to see why!

Reviewed by Mitchell Burns

Directed by: Ridley Scott    Starring: Noomi Rapace                Also Starring: Guy Pearce
                                                              Charlize Theron                                     Logan Marshall-Green
                                                              Michael Fassbender                               Patrick Wilson
                                                              Idris Elba

Prometheus is one of those movies where it is honestly better to know NOTHING about the movie before going into, therefore I won’t give away anything in my explanation of the movie, I promise this will be spoiler free
The movie starts in Scotland with the Archaeologist couple Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), they’ve discovered a star map that is pointing them to a planet that could hold sustainable life, and they also think something on that planet could unlock the answer to humans creation. 
The two doctors are financed by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce in old man makeup), the elderly founder of the Weyland Corporation, and there trip to this unknown planet called  LV-223. The ship they travel on is called Prometheus and it’s crew also includes an android named David (Michael Fassbender), The ships captain (Idris Elba), The Mission Director, Meredith Vickers (Charlie Theron) and a few other archaeologists and crew members. Of course when Prometheus lands on this unknown planet all hell breaks loose

That’s all I will say about the plot, if you’re looking for a more detailed description of the movie you can definitely find them since they are popping up online like rapid fire. 

Ridley Scott (The director) had planned for Prometheus to be a full-blown Alien prequel, Alien being the 1979 movie starring Sigourney Weaver which he directed, and it went on to spawn three sequels (which he did not direct). At one point the movie was even going to be called Alien: Paradise, I would love to get my hands on what the original story was going to be. I am a huge fan of the Alien movies, and I have watched them enough times to have enough unanswered questions about them to last me a life time. I am kind of an Alien nerd, but definitely not the biggest but when I heard about this movie being made I was definitely excited, and the fact that the 79 year old Ridley Scott would be directing! Just Wow! 

Then Ridley Scott kind of went back on his original word, stating that the movie wouldn’t be A True Alien prequel but it would just be set in the same universe as the Alien movies but set a few years before. As time went on I started to get a tiny bit discouraged because the way it was sounding was that Prometheus would BARELY have anything to do with the Alien movies, but I was still excited. 

So last night, after months/years of waiting, I brought three friends and we went and saw Prometheus. I had told them all that they “didn’t have to see the Alien movies to understand it”. That was what I honestly believed and had heard, and while it was true, but Prometheus definitely will appeal to the Alien lover A LOT more than I originally thought it would. 

Prometheus is two hours long, and it’s brimming with new and exciting alien type fun, and while it does answer a few questions that went unanswered from the Alien movies it also introduces quite a few new Prometheus questions, which are indirectly Alien questions also.

I have been reading quite a few reviews about Prometheus and many critics are quite upset about the many unanswered questions in Prometheus but for me I think about how that was one of the things that made me love Alien and it’s sequels. The Mystery is part of what makes it all interesting! Am I right or no? 

Anyways, Prometheus is a very FULL movie and there is a lot to take in, so much so that me and my friends had to stand in the parking lot afterwards for 20 minutes just to discuss it all. On a side note – My three friends who came with me and have never seen the Alien movies actually really liked Prometheus. 

The story in Prometheus is Fast paced and never bores, it’s cool and exciting and I have not been on the edge of my seat in a movie like that in a LONG time, I was so entertained but Prometheus also has a lot to offer beyond a cool story. 

The acting in Prometheus is top notch especially by Michael Fassbender who plays the android David, I was so in awe of his acting that even by the end of the movie I was unsure if I liked the character or the just his acting. Noomi Rapace easily takes over the Sigourney Weaver type character and does a great job playing the new heroine (Heroine? May be wrong choice of wording). Charlize Theron continues to prove that she is a great actress, first as the queen in Snow White and the Huntsman and now as the cold hearted Meredith Vickers. Also, Idris Elba should be in more movies, he is extremely cool! 

If you are unsure of who Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are here’s a quick rundown, Michael Fassbender played Magneto in the new X-Men: First Class and garnered critical acclaim for playing the sex addict in last years Shame. 
Noomi Rapace played Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (and it’s sequels) and she was the female lead in 2011’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. You will probably see a lot more of both of them. 
Also, Noomi Rapace’s character’s boyfriend in the movie is played by a recognizable up an comer, Logan Marshall-Green who you may recognize from the M. Night Shymalan movie Devil, or Across the Universe, or the TV shows Dark Blue, The O.C, or 24. 

The effects in Prometheus were stellar and I would have loved to see it in Imax or 3D. Ridley Scott also likes to shoot in as many real locations as possible, staying away from CGI as much as possible, the movie was shot in places like Iceland, Spain and others and the scenes are quite breathtaking. 

The movie deserves it’s R rating, and not because of nudity or real foul language, it’s for violence, and if you’ve seen the Alien movies then you know a little of what to expect. 

I guess if I had any issues with Prometheus it would be the heavy confusion at some points, I start to wonder if Prometheus ever even gets a sequel will they be able to answer the new mysteries and questions posed in the first? 

The other issue I have is that if you have seen the Alien movies a lot of things may be predictable, or maybe predictable isn’t quite the right word… I think I mean to say that  you kinda see things coming and when it does you aren’t shocked. The predictability of some things didn’t ruin anything for me though because it was more of an homage to the Alien movies and it was bittersweet in a way. 

So to sum it up, If you’re an Alien fan, go see Prometheus. If you aren’t an Alien Fan, go see Prometheus!! It’s Fast-Paced and it will remind you of Alien but at the same time introduce a new and fresh feel on the story! 

Five stars for sure!!  

Mitchell Burns 🙂 

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