The Walking Dead:Mid-Season review
Fix the show, or lose viewers

The Walking Dead season 1 blew me out of the water, a zombie Apocalypse TV show is exactly my cup of tea. Season 2 came along and it started with a bang, trouble on the highway, little girl (Sophie) goes missing, boy gets shot, but then they find a farm and the whole show comes to a halt… and turns into a soap opera. 
Season 2 slowed right down, it put on the brakes and came to a complete halt. When the group finds the farm and Rick’s son is healed, the group decides to take up camp on the farm and continue to look for Carol’s daughter Sophie. So now the last 7 episodes have felt like a soap opera with the occasional zombie. most of the characters don’t get along, they all bicker and fight and then make up and talk about their feelings and then fight more. 
When the show brought in Scott Wilson (Who I will Always see as Catherine’s dad from CSI) as Hershel, I was excited. Wilson is a good actor, and they threw him in with a cast of already great actors, but even his character has grown tiresome like the rest, and unfortunately the rest of Hershel’s family are either boring or annoying. I do enjoy most of the characters, but I would like to see them doing something instead of fight. 
Shane (Jon Bernthal) has passed the point of likability, his character is draining and I can’t wait for Rick to put a bullet into his head. It’s a bad idea to have a fight going on between Shane and the most likable character on the show, Dale. Daryl has become 10x’s  more liable than Shane! The biggest story lines are Laurie’s pregnancy and Glenn getting laid. I love that the show is really trying to develop the characters, but I think they have done enough. 
Most episodes end with a shock/bang/surprise and that is what keeps me coming back, and episode 8 ended with a bang also. Laurie’s car flipped after she looked at a map while driving, could this mean the death of her unborn child? Rick went all rogue sheriff on two guys in the bar, shooting them both in front of Hershel and Glen. Surely these two items will cause a little drama, but I feel like the show will deal with them the way they always do, by making the characters talk about it till our ears fall off. 
I can see that this show costs a lot to make, the makeup is incredible and I can see that they can’t have the group running from zombies every episode, but they need to find a way to add a little more excitement and some of the same pulse pounding and heart racing moments they had in the first season. 
There are 5 episodes left of this season after tonight’s episode, and I can only hope the last few episodes will get it right. 
Thanks for reading, 
-Mitch Burns
*book spoilers* —> in the first book Shane dies, so maybe his character is overstaying his welcome on the TV show?
*Actor spoilers* —-> The shows creator, Frank Darabont, is starting another TV show over on TNT, and Jon Bernthal who plays Shane on the walking dead is in serious talks to star in this new TV show. hmmm… could this mean he dies soon? I can only hope. 

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