The Ides Of March
An unmemorable but entertaining political thriller with a great cast that fails too live up to high expectations 

Directed By: George Clooney       Starring: Ryan Gosling                          Review by: Mitchell Burns
                                                                      Phillip Seymour Hoffman
                                                                      George Clooney                             2 1/2/ 5 stars
                                                                      Paul Giammatti
                                                                      Evan Rachel Wood
                                                                      Marisa Tomei

George Clooney directs (and stars), The newest and most talked about kid on the block is the lead actor, and the movie was nominated for a few Golden Globes. No wonder I had such high expectations for The Ides Of March.

Ryan Gosling stars as Stephen Meyers, the junior campaign manager for Mike Morris (George Clooney). Meyers loves his job, and everything is going pretty well. Morris is up against Ted Pullman (Mitchell Mantell) and the movie is based over a few days before the Ohio elections. Both candidates need Ohio or else they risk losing the entire election, and both candidates are trying to get support from the North Carolina  Democratic Senator Franklin Thompson (Jeffrey Wright) who will also play huge part in who wins the election.

The movie is more focused on the behind the scenes of the election, and the happenings of Meyers (Gosling). Meyers starts a sexual relationship with a young intern, Molly Steams (Evan Rachel Wood). Meyers runs into real trouble when he gets a phone call from the opposing candidates Campaign manager Tom Duffy (Paul Giammatti), who wants Meyers to come work for him. More trouble arises when the Morris` campaign manager own campaign manager, Paul Zara (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) finds out. Then the press (Marisa Tomei) is threatening to leak the story and Meyers has no idea how she found out.

No character in the Ides Of March has a happy ending, the movie just exposes everyone as a scum bag and a backstabber but The Ides of March moves at a quick pace, and keeps you interested. With the quick pace, the slickness of the movie, and the acting the movie keeps you interested, but that’s all. I was pretty let down. The movie isn’t memorable, and it doesn’t bring anything new or fresh to the table.

I’m hoping the two categories at the Golden Globes resulted in The Ides Of March being nominated, I would much rather see Bridesmaids nominated at the academy awards then March. If you like George Clooney, don’t see this movie for Clooney, he directs the movie so he takes a step back and only shows his face sporadically. If you want to see Clooney act, go see The Descendants! Hoffman and Giammatti were the best part of The Ides Of March, not only was there acting terrific, there scenes and there dialoge was the best. Gosling was good, but I never once liked his character so it’s hard to feel something for a movie when you don’t really like the main character.

Maybe The Ides of March is a movie you don’t want to have high hopes or they will be squashed, It’s a good movie, it’s entertainig, but I was expecting a whole lot more.

– Mitch burns

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