A slow moving, but ultimately interesting and fun account of the true story about money & baseball

Directed by: Bennett Miller           Starring: Brad Pitt                        Reviewed by: Mitchell Burns
                                                                           Jonah Hill
                                                                           Phillip Seymour Hoffman                         4/5 stars
                                                                           Robin Wright  
“How can you not get romantic about baseball?” Is a question that Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) asks several times through out the movie. For a movie with almost no human romance, except for the brief meeting of Scott , Hatteberg’s wife, Moneyball does seem oddly “romantic”. 
Moneyball starts with Billy Beane (Pitt) in a worried and upset state, he is the General Manager (GM) of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, and they have just lost to the Yankee’s in the 2001 postseason game and three of his star players (Giambi, Damon, Isringhausen) will be leaving the team. Beane then meets Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) and hires him because of his statistical way of finding good baseball players. The Oakland Athletics’s has no money, so Beane and Brand go through the process of finding and building a baseball team using their method, also trying to find the cheapest way to build a team. 

Beane and Brand’s method totally goes against the scouts methods and they meet resistance with almost everyone in their path, The scouts,  and the teams manager (Phillip Seymour Hoffman). Beane also fights his own demons, with flashbacks we are told the story of his past and how he failed as a young Baseball player. 
I won’t say anymore about the story.
Some of the best moments of the movie are when Beane deals with his memories of a young Baseball player, or when he interacts with his young daughter (Kerris Dorsey), or when he interacts with the players, or the many times he loses his temper. These scenes really show Pitt’s depth and emotion as an actor. 
The movie deprives us of a lot of Baseball action, as Beane feels that he is a bad luck charm so he never goes to any baseball games, so as an audience we only get to see what Beane is seeing and that usually means hearing the ongoing game on the radio or seeing it on TV. This slows the movie down a tad, and removes one star from my five star rating. Moneyball does excel in dialogue and boasts and awesome screenplay was written terrifically by the scribes of The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin) and Schindler’s List (Steve Zaillian).         
Moneyball is wonderful and extremely entertaining,while it did slow down in spots, I still enjoyed the movie which is power driven by Brad Pitt’s amazing acting! Brad Pitt has earned he spot at the top of my list of favorite actor. 
– Mitch Burns (Twitter @mitchburns) 
P.S – I love Parks and Recreation, and it was great to see Chris Pratt (aka Andy Dwyer) as Scott Hatteberg. 

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