So I haven’t written a Hollywood blog in quite a while, and I saw a lot of movies that I didn’t review, and while a lot of movies may not even be in theatres anymore, but they will be on DVD soon.

So since I haven’t done any reviews this summer, I thought I would do a list of the “Tops of the summer”. When I say tops of the summer I mean I am going to do my Favourite movies, songs, albums, celebrities etc. of the summer!

As another surprise, I have asked my brother to compile the same list. So with out further ado, here are our lists:

Mitch’s Top 5 movies of the summer:

Bridesmaids: Funniest movie I have seen since The first Hangover, one of my favourite comedies ever!

X-men first class: X-men first class has worked its way up to being one of my favourite Super hero movies ever

Super 8 – Super 8 surprised me, it was different and reminded me of every great Steven Spielberg movie rolled into one, and IT was a monster movie which is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – The finale to a series that was my childhood, and it was done wonderfully and amazing.

Rise Of The Planet of the Apes – Amazing! just pure amazing! An emotional build up to some great action sequences.


Clayton’s Top 5 movies of the summer:

1) Bridesmaids-such an underdog story! Great comedy, characters are so relatable and fun! Kristin Wig is a born again star!

2) Fast Five:Rio Heist-An amazing way to kick off the summer. The fast and the furious franchise keeps getting better with age. An amazing action film keeps you interested beginning to end.

3) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2:The final chapter of the amazing story that has been a part of this generation from the beginning comes to an end in such an amazing way, absolutely a story that will stay with us forever.

4) Transformers Dark of The Moon-This third instalment is just as over the top and addicting as the first two. The story itself may not be top of the line but it’s no doubt a smash hit.

5) Bad Teacher-Besides bridesmaids this comedy was probably one of the best this year. It beats out hangover 2 by a landslide. The originality of the story and roles were hilarious.Keep in mind I wasn’t able to see X-Men First Class or Rise of The Planets of the Apes this summer and I’m pretty sure if i had Bad Teacher wouldn’t be on this list.

Mitch’s Top 5 albums of the summer:

I listen to all types of music, But I really love Country, so my list is mostly Country music, but this is one spot where it’s nice to have Clayton because he listens to everything.

Eric Church – Chief

Download: Springsteen, Over when it’s over, I’m gettin’ stoned, homeboy

Blake Shelton – Red River Blue

Download: Ready To Roll, God Gave me you

Luke Bryan – Tailgates & Tanlines

Download: I know You’re gunna be there, Muckalee Creek Water, Country Girl (Shake it for me)

Chris Young – Neon

Download: Tomorrow, When She’s On

Various Artists – Muppets: The Green Album

Download: I hope that something better comes along, Halfway down the stairs, Rainbow Connection

Clayton’s Top 5 Albums of the Summer

1)Rihanna- Loud

Download: Cheers (Drink To That), California King Bed,

2)Nikki Minaj- Pink Friday

Download: Superbass, Fly, Check it out

3)Chris Brown-Fame

Download: She Ain’t You, look at me now,

4)Pitbull-Planet Pit

Download: Rain Over Me, Give Me Everything


Download: Someone like you, Rolling in the deep, Turning Tables

Mitch’s Top 10 Songs of the Summer:

For my top Songs of the summer, I tried to not use any songs from my favourite albums of the summer.

Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

Today is Your Day – Shania Twain

Staying’s Worse Than Leaving – Sunny Sweeney

Who Are You When I’m Not Looking – Blake Shelton

Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen

Paper Bag – Fiona Apple

Tonight, Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

Little Lovin’ – Lissie

Baggage Claim – Miranda Lambert

Fire – Raghav

She Ain’t you – Chris Brown

Clayton’s Top 10 Songs of the summer

1)Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett

2)On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez

3)This Friday Night-Katy Perry

4)Moves Like Jagger-Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilara

5)I Wanna Go- Brittany Spears

6)Good Life-One Republic

7)Don’t Wanna Go Home-Jason Derulo

8)Cheers (Drink To That)-Rihanna

9)Super Bass-Nikki Minaj

10)Beautiful People-Chris Brown

Clayton’s Top 5 TV shows of the Summer

1)True Blood Season 4-The show seems to get more intense every season and the spellbound fourth season is fantastic. You get to see everybody’s true colours this time around.

2)The Glee Project Season 1-The breakout reality hit began as an underdog and finished in first place this summer. I think people really like the realness & relation to the contestants. Not to mention Glee fans get an inside look on how the show basically works.

3)Drop Dead Diva season 3: When I first started this show I did not expect much but I was blown away by the intensity & comedy in each episode. The characters are great and the third season gets even more emotional & delightful.

4)The Walking Dead- This AMC breakout thriller is an amazing new kind of television. The show is so mesmerizing and addicting I recommend it to all.

5)Pretty Little Liars season 2: Still a great show with good ways of freaking out the viewers. This season takes new measures of frustration when you want to know more than ever who A is. Makes you wonder how long they can keep this show going, I have faith.

Mitch’s Top TV hit of the Summer

I don’t watch much TV in the summer, but since all my friends have been hooked on True Blood for years, I thought I would give it a shot. I love it, I am already half way through season 3 and can’t wait to catch up to my friends so we can chat about it! I haven’t seen characters so rich an intense in a long time.

Clayton’s Top 5 celebrities of the summer:

1)Emma Stone

2)Alexander Skarsgard

3)Chris Evans

4)Justin Timberlake

5)Emma Watson, Rupert Grint & Daniel Radcliffe

Mitch’s Top books of the summer:

The Hunger Games: This summer I have been captivated by Suzanne Collins amazing “The Hunger Games Trilogy”. I love it and am really looking forward to the movies.

So that is it, our top hits of the summer! thanks for reading.

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