Limitless – A


Staring: Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, The A-Team)
Robert De Niro (Raging Bull, Meet The Parents)
Abbie Cornish (sucker Punch, Bright Star)
Anna Friel (Land Of The Lost, Pushing Daises)
Andrew Howard

Limitless basis it’s plot on the theory that Humans only use 20% of there brains, and the way they present Bradley Cooper at the beginning of this movie makes you wonder if his character uses less than 20%. Bradley cooper plays a slacker, a failed writer, his girlfriend (Abbie Cornish) just broke up with him, and he lives in a crummy apartment. My friend Cindy, who finds Bradley Cooper very attractive, was turned off by his appearance at the beginning of this movie.

Just when Cooper is at his lowest, he runs into his ex-brother in-law on the street, he insists on a drink, Cooper obviously goes with him. The ex-brother in-law insists he isn’t a dealer anymore, but before he leaves he gives Cooper a new “FDA approved” pill, and his card.

The pill allows Bradley Cooper to use his whole brain, not just 20%. It doesn’t turn him into a human computer; it allows him to draw from past memories & experiences. Cooper explains it that his memories & thoughts are “organized”. For example, at one point, he recalls on a Karate TV movie he watched as a child to help him fight off a group of thugs.

Obviously at the beginning Coopers new powers allow him to see things in a new light, he cleans his dirty apartment, and writes half a bestselling book. As the story delves deeper into the story, there are many characters and plot twists that sway in and out which was one of my favorite parts of this movie. Andrew Howard Who plays a Russian Mob man, really stood out to me, and I enjoyed his character a lot, his acting and dry bits of humor. Robert De Niro was good (as always) playing the top stockbroker of a company that Bradley Cooper’s character becomes involved with. I couldn’t help but feel that De Niro’s was overkill for the role, there could have been a nobody in the role and it wouldn’t have made any difference to the movie. I’m not complaining though.

I really enjoyed Limitless, I honestly didn’t have high expectations going in, but I was so impressed. Many characters and Plot lines can get messy, but they were handled with grace and clarity, weaving in and out of each other like a finely knitted sweater. An amazing sweater. If I watched it again I might find things I didn’t enjoy as much, like the ending felt a little cheap, there is a scene where Abbie Cornish takes a pill and attacks someone in an unusual way, and De Niro’s last bit at the end kind of bugged me, but none of these are serious issues.

I especially enjoyed the graphics near the beginning of the movie, Letters falling when Cooper is writing his book, and his roof dissolving into stock numbers was enjoyable to watch. I thought I wouldn’t like Bradley Cooper in a leading thriller role, but he surprised me. Maybe he wasn’t that great, maybe it was the movie itself.
Limitless is a Roller Coaster, it starts off with a bang, it’s filled with wicked twists and turns and doesn’t let up until the very end.

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