Stunk may be harsh, but at least it’s not “Why they sucked” or “The 2011 Oscars Blows”.

1. Watching Anne Hathaway and James Francos opening video, I got very excited, I love when actors and actresses put themselves in the movies and “poke fun” at them, like Billy Crystal did a few years back with Lord of the rings and Monster. This opening video made me laugh here and there but the amount of times I felt like I was supposed to be laughing, and wasn’t, made me lose a bit of hope for these young presenters. The best part of the opening video was when Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman made brief appearances, which had me wondering why Baldwin wasn’t performing again.
Then Hathaway and Franco came out to give their opening monologue and, well, it wasn’t very funny. Franco seemed bored and un-entertained, and actually brought his co-host down, Hathaway who wasn’t that bad and somewhat funny, and always perky and excited. I wonder what the Oscars would have been like if just Anne had taken on the hosting duties… as long as she leaves out the lesbian jokes.

2. Presenters that should have been great, inspirational, or funny, fizzled. Poor Tom Hanks, One of our generations greatest actors presenting the first award was boring, talking about Gone with the Wind. occasionally through out the broadcast they pay homage to previous winners, and that just doesn’t make any sense. Every person there, and at home watching, really only cares about the movies nominated that night. If we want to re-live the classic that is “Gone With The Wind”, we will buy it on blu-ray.
Justin Timberlake, Oprah, jennifer Hudson, Hilary Swank, Josh Brolin, Halle Berry, Matthew McConaughay, and Scarlet Johansson were all boring and unfunny presenters while Kirk Douglas, Jeff Bridges, Robert downey Jr., Rusell Brand, Helen Mirren, and Sandra Bullock were either funny or entertaining.

3. The upsets that a lot of us were hoping for never came, like Hailee Stenfeld beating out Melissa Leo, Banksy getting the Oscar or David Fincher getting best director. Instead, the biggest surprise was Tom Hooper winning best director for the kings speech, and the rest of the night the oscars went to everyone we could have guessed before hand, Christian Bale, The Kings speech, Melissa Leo, Colin Firth and Natalie Portman.
last year Mo’nique gave an amazing speech after winning best supporting actress, and everyone knew she would win. This year, the front runner Melissa Leo won, and gave one of the most painful speeches ever. She pretended to be shocked, she rambled on and on, and stole Kirk Douglas’ cane. so annoying. It’s really very sad (and obvious) when the best speeches of the night were given by writers Aaron Sorkin and David Seidler.

4. They. were. boring. The oscars will always have there clunky and long parts, but there was nothing in the entire broadcast that seemed to be able to save it from being boring and long. Except maybe Billy Crystal.

Sorry Academy Awards, maybe you will win us over next year.

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