The Fighter is a boxing movie (based on a true story) with a lot of the same aspects like many other boxing movies, Cinderella man comes to mind. What makes David O. Russell’s boxing movie award worthy is the limitless family drama. Mark Whalberg‘s character Mickey Ward is not only fighting in the ring through out the movie, but he is also fighting a battle out of the ring, with his entire family.

Mickey Ward’s (Whalberg) older half brother, Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale) is being filmed by HBO, and his family and the entire town thinks they are filming his “comeback”. It is not till later do we figure out that HBO is actually documenting his Crack addiction and how it has affected him.

The movie starts out with Mickey trying to become an established boxer, but he has lost the last 3 matches and his future isn’t looking so bright, he needs a change. That change comes when he meets an attractive, young bartender Charlene Fleming (Amy Adams). With the help of her, Mickey starts realizing the harm his overbearing family has on him and his career.

The movie is set and filmed in the small town of Lowell Massachusetts, and many viewers may be surprised at how gritty of a feel the movie has. Whether it’s the apartment building where Dicky goes to do Crack, or the Mickey and dicky’s 7 very ugly sisters, who all live at home with there mother and step father. Even Amy Adams character is a little bit of a tramp, but for someone who has played a Disney Princess, she did well.

The best actor of the whole movie though is Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, Terminator: Salvation) . I have never really thought of Bale as a serious actor, but when I first saw him in this movie it took me a second to realize that it was him. He portrays this crack addict Brother so well, I was astounded. Mark Whalberg did a wonderful job, but was slightly overshadowed his cast mates. The entire cast is great, including Amy Adams and Melissa Leo who portrays the brothers mother with a huge personality. Last year we had Sandra Bullock who took the gold playing an intimidating mother, this year we have Melissa Leo. Also the actor who plays Mickey’s trainer, was his real life trainer, and he did a good job.

The only problem is that the movie is a bit predictable, but it didn’t bug me and it won’t bug you either

So whats my final say on this wonderful movie? well here is a few things tagline’s they could put in the commercial lol

“Nearly perfect”

“Christian Bale is breathtaking”

“The entire cast is terrific, and amazingly casted”

“4 and a half stars” (out of 5)

“haven’t seen a boxing movie this good since Raging Bull”

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