These are my top 20 favourite movies of all time, in order of first to last, with their posters. Enjoy.

1. Crash

2. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

3. Jurrasic Park

4. Into The Wild

5. Inglorious Basterds

6. Gone Baby Gone

7. Children of Men

8. Inception

9. The Silence Of The Lambs

10. The Departed

11. Saving Private Ryan

12. No Country For Old Men

13. Fargo

14. Gladiator

15. An Unfinished life

16. The Muppet Movie

17. Seven

18. Alien (1-4)

19. Mystic River

20. The Abyss

*Technically, this list looks like a list of 25, because I have all three Lord of the rings movies and all 4 alien movies, but I usually always group them together. If you must know though, my favorite Alien movie is Aliens, and My favourite LOTR is The Return Of The King.

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