Here is a list of my favorite TV shows, in order, a brief description and why I like it.

10.The Big Bang Theory-

I have found that The Big Bang Theory Does not apply to everybody, but I personally love it. Make a character like sheldon who is so book smart, that he really has no basic grasp on society, and you have a really, really funny show.

9. Glee – Fox

Most Creative Show in a long time: I don’t know at the moment, but maybe there has been other musical TV shows, but obviously they did not work, and they were not like this. Nothing has captured the world like this. Glee is funny, and heartfelt. Glee has every aspect of a successful TV show + music. You make a show where, when a character has to express himself he can break into song, you’ve gotten so unique that Gleeks will be singing it’s praises for many years to come.

8. Family Guy-

Funniest show on Television: it is going into it’s ninth season, and I have never laughed harder, and I have never laughed as many times as I have with Family Guy. You can take every comedy Movie I have seen, add up every laugh and it still would not equal to how many laughs, I have laughed with Family Guy. The people that don’t laugh, don’t understand it, even my Grandmother laughs (to a point) and understands it. You have to understand what the show is trying to do; it pokes fun (sometimes more than pokes) at social situations people sometimes can’t even talk about, or we ignore, or pretend not to notice. Family guy really makes fun of us, the stupid things we do, and why. People say it is copying, or building on the success of the Simpsons, but it is all around a completely different, & funnier show.

7. Friends –

Hilarious, I can watch Friends reruns anytime and anywhere and always be entertained, some of the best characters to be on TV ever, and nobody can beat Chandler!!!

6. Seinfeld –

Seinfeld started a lot, and set the bar for many comedies to come, and none have really surpassed it. You may wonder why I have a few comedies ahead of it on my list, that is only because at this point in time I like them more. If someone asked me which comedy is the BEST, I would say Seinfeld.

5. Modern Family

I would say that The comedy’s are taking over my list here, but they are also taking over TV, and Modern Family is the funniest show I have seen on TV in a long time.

4. Brothers & Sisters – ABC

Best Acted Television show in… maybe forever: B & S has one of the best cast’s ever assembled, Sally Fields, Calista Flockhart, Patricia Wettig, Ron Rifkin, & the recently departed Rob Lowe, and those are only the names you may recognize. The rest of the cast is extremely talented. Great acting is not the only thing the show has, it has such an intricate, wonderfully told story that it makes you want to watch the characters lives go on forever. I have never watched a show that can bring tears to your eyes every other episode, and keep you laughing in between. Brothers and Sisters is a treasure, and Amazingly entertaining.

3. How I met Your Mother

Way to hilarious, with amazing characters. every character in HIMYM is great (except, occasionally, Ted), they are funny. The storyline is so innovative (especially for a comedy), with many flashbacks, flash-forwards, and plot twists. This is a show where people may be wondering “why haven’t we met the Mother yet?” but I hope they never do, because then that would mean the show is nearing an end.

2. Grey’s Anatomy – ABC

If you watch, It changes you: Grey’s is going into it’s 7th season, but it hasn’t let up. It continues to do what it does best, Entertain better than many, many shows. Shonda Rhimes took a barely recognized cast and made us fall in love with each and every one of them. The show shook up what we were used to seeing on TV, but has similarities to some of the greatest shows in history. The people that have been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning will tell you that it is like a lifestyle, and it represents so many amazing things. Some people only see doctors sleeping with other doctors, that is the humor that the show offers. But the show has dealt with many issues that some Dramas can’t begin to handle, Death, Homosexuality, racism, to name a couple, and they handle them with tact and grace.

and the Number one show is….

1. Lost – ABC

Thrill Ride/Emotional Rollercoaster/Mystery Keeper – Lost changed TV. So far no show has had the success Lost had. Many have tried with the same formula Lost did, using the mystery, great casting, dramatic storylines, etc. etc. – but have failed (ex. Flashforward) or not done near as well (ex. V) But TV companies are still trying (ex. The Event). Lost was not just a TV program, it was like a 6 season long, extravaganza. It is so hard to explain how great Lost was, people who never watched will never understand, but every aspect of Lost is what great TV is about.

Almost made the list:

The Walking Dead: when the new season premieres and it is still amazing, I will put it on this list.

Honorable Mention: Shows I watch, or have watched in the past.

True Blood
The Muppet Show
Private Practice
Flash Forward
Cougar Town
Commander In Chief
Everybody Loves Raymond
King Of Queens
The Office
The Mentalist
30 Rock
American Idol
The Walking Dead

Would love to watch: Shows I don’t watch, wish I did watch, or haven’t watched enough to add to above lists

The Event
The Good Wife
Lie To Me
No Ordinary Family
Breaking Bad

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