3 (out of 5 stars)

The Switch starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston kept me wondering the whole movie. How can you call this a Romantic Comedy? Of course it has more Laughs than most dramas but the last 45 minutes of this movie was virtually laugh-less.

Now, the Switch wasn’t terrible, it really wasn’t even that bad but for me what you see in the trailer, isn’t what your getting in the movie. The Premise is good, it’s different, it’s fresh, it’s modern, and they could have done sooo much with it, but by the time the end rolls around you realize that The Switch follows the same plot as so many other Romantic Comedies do. the saving factor? Jason Bateman and Thomas Robinson.

Originally called The Baster, The switch starts us off with best friends Wally Mars (Bateman) and Kassie Larson having some rocky moments in their friendship, meanwhile Wally’s guy buddy Leonard (Jeff Goldblum) keeps telling him he likes her, but he’s been put in the “friend zone”. When one day Aniston decides she wants a baby, and she wants it now. So she signs up for artificial insemination, and throws a party, where in the same night the donor (played by Patrick Wilson) ejaculates into a cup, and it is put into Jen’s character. kind of … different, eh? but that night Wally gets extremely intoxicated (so much, that he surprisingly can’t remember the next day) and wanders into the bathroom were the sperm sample was being held, and “accidentally” dumps it down the sink. He then has to replace the sample with his own (with Diane Sawyers help), because that is obviously the easiest way.

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Kassie moves away to have her baby at he parents place, but decides to move back to L.A 7 years later. When Wally meets her child, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson), and spends some time with him, he starts to realize how many similarities there are between the two. that is when all the memories of that night come rushing back to him. I won’t give anymore away. I love Jennifer Aniston because of “Friends” and I love Jeff Goldblum, but too me the best scenes are between Jason Bateman and Thomas Robinson (The kid). Robinson is so adorable, and he provides more than half of the funny moments in the movie. And Bateman at first seemed like such a unusual pick for a Rom-Com like this, but in the end he really added a different aspect too the movie.

It’s not that the last bit was terrible, it’s just that with such a unique movie topic, you think the ending wouldn’t be so obvious. and maybe I am the only one who agrees but the last little bit of the movie just wasn’t funny at all, it got so serious that when they tried to make you laugh, you couldn’t.

thanks for reading 🙂


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