2 1/2 (out of 5 stars)

After.Life is a unique movie, my brother saw the trailer online and couldn’t stop telling us how excited he was for it to come out. He has been a Christina Ricci fan ever since Casper, and Black Sake Moan. We were both surprised when it came out on DVD only a few short weeks after seeing the trailer, because we thought with such big names and an interesting plot that it would get a mass release in theatres. but I can take some guesses why it only got a limited release. I am guessing they wanted to keep the R rating, but they figured with an R rating they wouldn’t get as big an audience they would have liked to have in theatres.

The movie starts out with a troubled school teacher Anna Taylor (Christina Ricci, who plays a completely unlikeable, spoiled character the whole movie), who is in a relationship with Paul Coleman (Justin Long). They go out to dinner one rainy night and he tries to convince her to move to Chicago with him, but she misinterprets him and rushes out. She gets into a car accident and the next thing she wakes up to find she’s at the Funeral Home, about to be prepared by The Funeral Director, Eliot Deacon (Liam Neeson). But she doesn’t understand why she’s woken up here, and she doesn’t understand how she can be dead, but still alive.

The movie Plays out with Liam Neeson trying to Convince/show Christina Ricci she’s dead, Christina Ricci trying To get someone to let her out because she doesn’t believe she is dead, and Justin Long trying to figure it all out. throw in a misguided student of Ricci’s, who also thinks something is wrong with the funeral home and it’s caretaker and you have a not so regular game of Cat and Mouse. I can’t give too much more away with out ruining anything.

I’ll be honest, I Myself, have never liked Christina Ricci, she is Kinda whiny and boring but I tried not too let that bother me, what did bother me was how, should I say almost boring After.Life was. it was missing certain parts that could have made it more thrilling. And while it did have it’s twist and turns, I kind of figured out what was going on after watching the trailer, and seeing the front cover of the movie. but even though I had an idea, there were still some pretty interesting twists. Liam Neeson is usually amazing, and he was decent in this movie, but he seemed a little bored. I am starting to think that maybe he only took the role because Half the time his scenes are with a completely naked Christina Ricci.

My brother did ask me too review this movie for him after seeing it, and My friends and him loved it. I wasn’t as happy as they were with it but I was very entertained (but only because I wanted to see if my theories were true or not), and even after watching it I was still surprised it didn’t go to all theatres.

and another thing I was thinking, I think Christina Ricci loves to show her body in movies, in Black Snack Moan she played a sex addict that wasn’t afraid to show her body, and in this movie she is literally naked the entire last half of the movie. oh well. I am also thinking that Liam Neeson’s last couple of movies have seemed pretty sexual too. in Atom Egoyan’s movie Chloe he had several sexual scenes with Amanda Seyfried, and in After.Life he films multiple scenes with Ricci being completely nude. I am starting to see a pattern for the two…

Thanks for reading.


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