***1/2 (out of five stars)

I was really excited about this movie when I first saw the trailer, for me it was probably one of my most anticipated movies of the summer. It Took me a while to really think about what I thought about predators. I love the original, and I even am a big fan of the first Alien Vs. Predators (not the second!). But this movie was a different type of movie, and I think I enjoyed it. It starts off with a bunch of people from different backgrounds being parachuted into a overgrown jungle. we start off meeting Adrien Brody’s character Royce, and shall I say round of applause for Adrien Brody who could be starting a very successful career in action movies. I mean, he’s got that action star growl, he’s buff, and but not a pretty boy. I like him.

As we slowly meet the characters we come to find out they are all ex-CIA agents, or soldiers, or prisoners, or in the case of Topher Grace’s character (that 70’s show) a Doctor. the doctor seems kind of out of place, but his purpose comes later. The cast is full of familiar faces, they all do a good job especially Topher Grace.

The group is attacked by the predators slowly, one by one, and were introduced to new different kinds of predators, one that not only hunts the humans, but hunts the lesser smaller predators. There is also a new, Dog like creature that wreaks a bit of havoc.

recognize some faces? Well Adrien Brody’s right hand woman is Alice Braga, you know her as the girl that saves Will Smiths life in I am Legend when he decides he wants to commit suicide after his dog is killed. also theres Danny Trejo, who had a bit part in a made up commercial that aired in the middle of Robert Rodriguez’s movie Planet Terror. not that bit part will be turned into a feature length movie called Machete, which will be in a theatre near you soon. CSI’s Laurence Fishburne does turn up about halfway through, as the trailers promise, he his a crazed survivor who has been living with these predators way too long.

The ragtag group finds out there not anywhere on earth, there on a planet unknown to them, and when they finally find out there not alone, and that there being hunted, all hell breaks loose. Adrien Brody at one point says that this is a “game preserve” and they are all being hunted.

The movie has a few twists and turns, a different ending then expected, and while it does keep you guessing, it misses something. It seems like it takes a while to start up, and when it does it doesn’t seem like the big bang I expected. it starts, and stops like a skipped record. Every time there is a moment of excitement and the Predators show up, it happens quick and then it stops, and we wait for the next exciting scene. I don’t know if I am a huge fan of the ending, but it got me thinking, and kept me thinking for a little while…

Toy Story 3:

***** (outta five)

There is a facebook group I am a fan of called “get out of the way kids, I’ve waited 11 years for this movie.” It’s true, 11 years after Toy Story 2 raked in at the box office, making more than the original, Pixar Releases Toy Story 3. It’s not like Pixar hasn’t been busy, all of there movies have had a rating of over 90% on (excluding Cars 71%), made millions upon millions of dollars, and won 5 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Up was the first animated movie to be nominated in the best picture category since 1991 (Beauty and the Beast). Sequels to Cars and Monster inc. are in the works, and a stand alone movie Called brave and pixar will soon have A first ever, with two movies coming out in the same year (2012 Brave & Monsters Inc. 2).

With Toy Story 3, Pixar does what it does best, serve us something we weren’t expecting. With so many sequels and re-makes coming out, it’s rare to see a sequel that is so different. The movie could have stayed safe and continued the story where the other ones left off. instead, they jump ahead to the week before Andy is going to college. His Toy Playing days are far behind him, and he only has a few left. This brings us to the first tear jerking scene of the movie, where the group talks about the toys that are no longer around. They bring up etch-a-sketch, Wheezy and… Woody’s old girlfriend, Bo-Peep. and we remember them all, Race car (RC), Shark, Troikas,the trolls, Robots, Mr. Mike, Little Tykes, Lenny the Binoculars, and the rest of the bucket of Soldiers (theres only 3 left, including Sarge.)

Andy makes a decision of what to do, he will put the rest of the toys (Hamm, Buzz, Slinky, Rex, Jessie, bullseye, the 3 squeeze toy aliens, and Mr. and Mrs. potato head) in the attic, and bring Woody to college. But when the Toys (and newbie Barbie) are accidentally donated to Sunnyside Daycare, they all, but Woody find it too be a blessing, because they will be played with. Woody still still loves Andy so much and has hope that Andy wants him. He knows them going to sunnyside was a mistake, and he leaves.

He leaves just in time too. because Sunnsyside daycare is not what it seems. The group is introduced to new toys, The daycare is run by a purple, strawberry smelling bear named Lotso (Ned Beatty), who isn’t what he says he is. Barbie meets Ken (Michael Keaton), for the first time and falls in love. But when Andy’s toys are put in the part of sunnyside where the young kids play, they realize that it isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be.

the last half hour of Toy Story 3 will have you gasping in excitement, jumping out of your seat, and crying your eyes out (behind comically large 3D glasses). What can I say? one of the best movies of the year. It’s everything you want in a movie.

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